Where is Augmented Reality really useful? 

Augmented Reality is more than just a fascinating feature, its applications come to pass in many areas in a meaningful as well as concrete way. Especially in business processes! Augmented reality applications for businesses stretch over almost every industry:

  • Whenever reality is captured in some form,
  • whenever the benefits of products and goods are presented,
  • whenever events are held,

augmented reality uses are just waiting to be allowed to play to their strengths. In the following, we would like to give you an overview of what to expect from the usage of AR and where the with virtual features extended reality creates profits as well as reduces costs.

Measure & plan digitally

Creating 3D models with conventional measurement methods is incredibly time-consuming - and they are needed almost everywhere. This is where XR Scan comes in, the end-2-end designed, intelligent measurement solution.

The possible applications for digital measurement are almost endless, especially thanks to the individual configuration of the measurement. Whether individual objects, the automatic detection and calculation of walls and floors, the scan of entire rooms or a completely free scan, digital measurement with XR Scan is conceivably flexible.


Digital measurement Update 3D models

The digital measurement with XR Scan using the example of stairs including mesh and stair dimensions
Einsatz von Augmented Reality bei der Visualisierung eines Sessels, User mit Tablet

Augmented Reality Applications to impress

Put your offer in the limelight using Augmented Reality!

  • With the 3D visualizations of the XR Scene App as an energetic support in sales,
  • with AR marketing that no one can bypass and
  • with rooms expanded with virtual objects, for example at exhibitions.

Applying the versatile XR Scene Web, the newest member of Spacific Solutions, you can also inspire your customers with browser-based online AR, for example for fascinating digital giveaways - without an app and on any device.

Augmented Reality Applications for your sector:

Marketing & SalesProductsEventsVirtual Giveaways

Augmented Reality to represent & experience

Augmented Reality applications in form of virtual objects for events of all kinds are more than fascinating: they are much cheaper and space-saving, more flexible, ready for use at the push of a button and can be reused indefinitely!

Learn more about

Training & EducationAR-RalliesDigital onboardingHybrid events

Interior of a bus in augmented reality, experienced with HoloLens
Seating group with LiDAR mesh and digital measurements

Secure & Hold

Where photos, videos and notes reach their limits, our AR applications are just getting started:

  • Discover the possibilities open to you with Spacific's 3D scanning apps.
  • Did you know? Digital documentation and preservation of evidence is that easy and accurate. Simply capture individual objects, specific areas or entire rooms digitally with XR Scan. Add photos, videos and notes if you wish, for a comprehensive as-is status at the touch of a button.

More about

3D-ScansDocumentationSecuring evidence

Combine intelligently

For many Augmented Reality applications, it is advisable to combine several of our solutions to create the greatest possible synergy effects. We use the term "augmented sales" to describe the intelligent linking of digital solutions for significantly more efficient sales. It describes the combination of

  • digital measurement
  • individual designs
  • AR visualization and
  • digitally supported installation

Learn more and register directly for a free and non-binding trial license:

Augmented Sales

Employees use augmented reality on the factory floor

Now that you are aware of the most important Augmented Reality applications, you want to use them to your advantage as well? Discover how easily things can get rolling, how quickly you can save time and reduce costs with our B2B solutions. Plus, with 3D visualization right at your POS, you can increase sales too! Read on or contact our AR experts directly, they look forward to hearing from you.

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