Why AR is so important for engineering

1/3 of all mechanical engineering companies already use augmented or virtual reality - twice as many as the average for all industries. No wonder: Hardly any other area is as ideal for showing off the benefits of augmented reality as plant and mechanical engineering! Whether as visual support in education and training, in production or maintenance, during assembly or the creation of prototypes: Digital support simplifies and accelerates processes, relieves skilled workers and reduces errors. Find out below how augmented reality can help you in mechanical engineering and how easy it is to use the right solution.

Digital solutions in production, example image Mixed Reality

From 0 to augmented reality at the touch of a button

COTS instead of individual solutions: Spacific's AR products are scalable end-2-end business process solutions, compatible with all common data formats and easily interfaced with third-party systems via APIs and cloud services. The Spacific Solution Platform also features Single SignOn (SSO). For you, this means that your company can use augmented reality tomorrow - without development work and interface problems. 

AR in app format: clear and concise - using AR solutions requires neither training nor specialist staff. After the data basis has been created on the Spacific Solution Platform in just a few steps, the intuitive, guided application can start immediately on site. 

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AR in Engineering:

On the one hand, capturing reality as accurately as possible and, on the other, being able to represent complex objects as desired - these two pillars make up the application examples for augmented reality in mechanical engineering. While the XR Scan measurement solution from Spacific accelerates and simplifies production processes by creating intelligent 3D models at the push of a button, the XR Scene App and XR Scene Web visualization solutions support training, maintenance, assembly and sales:

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The use of augmented reality in mechanical engineering, example image welder
3D visualization for digital onboarding or training. AR scene with forklift, crates and info fields

Education & Training

Being able to literally see complex processes over and over again - augmented reality in onboarding, education & training accelerates and intensifies learning and can also be performed and repeated at any time and anywhere without blocking machines or systems for this purpose. Eliminating training equipment can also minimize travel costs and reduce capital commitment costs.

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Where exactly do I have to place the spot welds, which part needs to be replaced? If you can keep the important information in front of your eyes virtually and hands-free, for example with a HoloLens, you not only save time, but also avoid mistakes. The XR Scene visualization solution allows you to use augmented reality at the touch of a button, and as a scalable standard solution with an app concept, it is also extremely easy to use!

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Engine with digital content, augmented reality for easier assembly, maintenance
AR for ds engineering, example picture plant

Maintenance & Assembly

With the augmented reality of the XR Scene App​​​​​​​, the virtual master is always with you: All relevant objects and associated information are uploaded to the visualization software, which the machine builders can call up on site - with a smartphone, tablet or hands-free with a HoloLens. The guided processes increase safety and reduce the error rate, and the time required is also significantly reduced. 

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Your products don't fit in a briefcase? Especially in mechanical and plant engineering, augmented reality is such a fascinating as well as practical way to present your range of products and services impressively. Show your customers virtually on site the completed plant in the right place and let them interact with the objects! The 3D objects will also quickly become an indispensable support for your sales team at trade fairs and events.

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Augmented Reality with XR Scene: Forklift and other 3D objects
Visualization of mixed reality at work with a laptop

Remote Support

Real-time support and unlimited collaboration: With a remote support solution such as Microsoft's Remote Assis, users collaborate with experts or remote colleagues to resolve technical issues immediately. Not only can they make video calls, but they can also get important information to solve the problem in real time in mixed reality. The HoloLens is ideal for this purpose, as it allows users to work hands-free and apply the solution directly.

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More AR industry solutions

Augmented Reality is perfectly suited for mechanical engineering, but also shines in other industries! Find out more directly - or contact us, our AR experts will be happy to answer your questions or create a personal offer for you.

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