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How does Spacific® strengthen your business?

We digitize the conventional on-site measurement through simple and context-specific scanning of objects and the creation of 3D models in real time. As a user, you receive an immediately useable, scalable solution that digitizes the sales process, including measurement and augmented reality visualization.

On Spacific's B2B portal, our solutions are available to everyone as Saas or PaaS, with no investment hurdle. Our goal is to make the benefits of digital solutions available to small and medium-sized enterprises as well, in order to reduce process costs and generate more revenue.

Whether for planning measurements in the sales process or the visualization of products at the point of sale: Optimize your business processes at the push of a button, with intelligent 3D models and augmented reality.

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AR app, web AR or digital measurement -
our solutions convince

Tablet with XR Scan measurement solution for digital stair measurement
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Measuring App

Measure just right with XR Scan's freely configurable digital measurement and create a 3D model in real time.

Measuring App
Experience Augmented Reality with XR Scene, example Tesla
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AR App

Augmented Reality end-2-end at the push of a button: Simply create digital added value. In sales, at events or trainings!

AR App
Web-AR mit XR Creator: Gabelstapler in Augmented Reality auf dem Handy
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Online AR

Experience augmented reality via link or QR code in the browser - XR Scene Web is perfect to inspire a maximum number of (new) customers!

Online AR
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Solution Portal

Our Solution Portal brings together all solutions and offers you various services, from customer management to guided tours.

Solution Portal

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Data standards for resource-optimized production and service processes in buildings and quarters

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Digital standard solutions open to all

With Spacific's scalable, end-2-end digital solutions, the benefits of digital measurement and AR are available to companies of all sizes - with ready-to-use applications that pay for themselves right away.

Our products also adapt in terms of content, forming business processes in which measuring or rendering is central, yet as regular as time-consuming tasks across industries.

Faster results and more possibilities - this is where 3D scanning and augmented reality take you further:

  • Measure & Calculate: In the trades and facility management, in the construction industry, plant and mechanical engineering, in industrial production, logistics, insurance, etc.
  • Present & Visualize: In sales, the real estate industry, tourism, events, trade fairs, etc.

To all industries

The latest AR technology at work for you


Our AR solutions do not compromise:

And you? We'd be happy to advise you personally, or you can find out in one of our workshops how quickly and easily an AR or MR solution can be deployed in your company.

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Spacific is an important partner for us. Not only in terms of new technologies for our projects, but also through their mindset. Only when the overall package is right can the jointly defined goals be implemented.
Tilo Hergarten

Tilo Hergarten // Head of Emons | Digital

Combining classic craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology. That is our mission. AR helps us provide information in the right place at the right time, transfer knowledge and make it sustainably accessible. A real added value for our customers and employees.
Christian Koch

Christian Koch // Managing Director of Reko GmbH & Co. KG

We have shipments without dimensions and were looking for a technology to capture them via an app. Spacific not only has the technology, but also the motivation to develop a holistic solution together with us based on the problem. That's what makes corporate innovation fun!
Gunnar Stellmacher

Gunnar Stellmacher // Head of Central Project and Process Management, Emons Spedition GmbH

Together with Spacific as augmented reality experts, we have created a product to make our performance support system AskDelphi even more visual and sustainable for our customers. We use it to support employees not only in formal learning, but also in workflow. Spacific's team competently supports me in the projects and we thus create a product roadmap that focuses on a customer-centric solution.
Nathalie Köpff

Nathalie Köpff // Technical Project Manager, Know How! AG

"We believe that augmented reality makes training and education easier, more efficient, and most importantly, more sustainable for the learner. With Spacific, we have found a partner that, with its vision of a self-service B2B platform for AR, creates a cost-effective and flexible solution for the use of 3D visualization."
Martin Kundt

Martin Kundt // Board of Directors Know How! AG