Create 3D content via scan - simply via app

Creating a 3D scan via app is now possible from almost any device, whether Apple or Android. The technical possibilities within smartphones or tablets have matured to such an extent that on the one hand you can create fascinating 3D models of objects or people, and on the other hand you can also measure complex objects and spaces precisely and display them as a 3D model. There are basically 2 possibilities:

  • XR Scan offers a digital solution for technical/planning measurement by means of 3D scan. The app creates a 3D scan with LiDAR. Scan and measure your environment with high accuracy using the tablet app and get results both directly and in the form of an intelligent 3D model. The 3D scan app is profitably used in countless industries, from A for architecture to Z for dental technology.
  • 3D photo apps, on the other hand, are designed to use photogrammetry to create 3D content from objects or people - digital versions of what surrounds you. Instead of a scan, the 3D app for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices takes photos that are converted into realistic 3D models.
[Translate to Englisch:] Nutzung des Lidar-Scans zum digitalen Messen eines Fensters, Beispiel für 3D-SCan-Apps

XR Scan: 3D scanning app with LiDAR

A 3D scan for measuring via app? In the field of digital measurement, this alone is not groundbreaking - but if you add the fact that XR Scan was developed end-to-end as a standard solution, efficiently reduces costs and increases sales, it looks quite different:

  • Instead of incurring high development and integration costs, SMEs can also use the 3D scan app directly and profitably as a flexible and scalable standard solution "off the shelf".
  • Instead of tying up specialists for the long term with measurements or the post-processing of measurement results, the data is directly available for further processing.
  • Instead of having to invest in special devices, XR Scan can run on any modern iPhone, iPad, (soon) Android devices, and HoloLens.

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To XR Scan Digital measurement

3D apps with photogrammetry

3D apps that let you create 3D models from objects or even people themselves do not use scanning in the technical sense, but photogrammetry, but the difference is negligible from the user's point of view: After opening the app, you circle the object (or people) with your Apple or Android device. In the process, the 3D app independently takes photos, which are then used to create the 3D content. The bottom line is that photogrammetry apps can create

  • create 3D objects (almost) as desired
  • can be used without special equipment: usable on any smartphone or tablet
  • capture both objects and people (or anything that stays still long enough)
  • can be used in a variety of ways, for example in online stores, in sales processes, for events and trade fairs, and much more.

As is often the case, the free 3D scanners are far less convincing than the paid versions, and photogrammetry is still waiting a little longer for its breakthrough.

The next step: 3D visualization

Whatever 3D scanning app you use to create digital content, you also need a 3D visualization capability. Here, too, Spacific's digital solutions are the first port of call, with flexible augmented reality software for the full range of applications:

  • XR Scene App is ideal for complex AR scenes: Assemble different digital objects, add information, and share them with as many users as you like. You can also tie objects to specific points in reality - ideal for maintenance or assembly, for example - or integrate them markerless, for free use - for example, for sales talks on site at the customer.
  • XR Scene Web is our application for Web-AR: Let customers and partners experience your 3D content as easily as possible, simply in the browser, via link or QR code - as in the example on the left. Whether for events, as a digital give-away, as a virtual business card or in the online store, this is how your 3D models reach a maximum audience.

The Spacific® Principle

We are committed to ensuring that the benefits of digital solutions are available to all. To this end, we develop flexible and scalable standard solutions, end-to-end on an app basis. For our customers, this means:

  • no development costs, no complex integration
  • more efficient business processes for any size of company
  • flexible use on different devices, no special equipment necessary
  • Additional services can be booked as required
  • guided and intuitive use without training

Register today for free on the Spacific Solution Portal and test solutions such as the 3D scan apps for 14 days free of charge and without obligation. Do you have any questions or are you interested in a customized offer? Our AR experts are happy to help.

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