Why do building services providers need AR?

TGE, technical building equipment, covers a wide spectrum: heating and air-conditioning systems, ventilation and sanitation, communication systems, fire extinguishers and smoke extractors - to name just a few. What they have in common is that they can all benefit from augmented reality in their business processes. Be it in on-site workflows, in digital measurement or mapping of 3D planning data to the construction site, or in the convincing AR visualization of offers and products. In the following, we not only present some fields of application, but also explain that the use of intelligent AR solutions in TGA is easier than you think!

What does AR do in technical building equipment?

1. Planning Measurement

For suppliers of technical building equipment, the measurement and recording of existing buildings is an important and usually time-consuming task that ties up specialists for a long time: Accuracy is particularly important when building complex facilities, and construction progress often has to be documented repeatedly. 

XR Scan, the app for fully digitized measurement, provides you with a significant time and cost advantage here - and is of course also available to you as a flexible and scalable standard solution.   

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2. Visualization

3D visualization with XR Scene App helps TGA providers twice over:

  1. In implementation: As shown in the video, your 3D planning data can now be easily mapped to the real space. This simplifies and speeds up construction progress checks, documentation and the signing off of work steps - the augmented reality app is also suitable as an alternative to the cord scaffolding.
  2. In customer acquisition:Whether district heating, wastewater or fire extinguishing systems, anyone working in technical building equipment is usually unable to present their products live to the customer when preparing an offer. With the augmented reality solution XR Scene App, which realistically integrates even complex systems into any environment, you can convince customers faster than brochures or presentations can.

3. Training

Handling complex plants requires not only prior knowledge but also detailed plans - XR Scene helps with both! The visualization software , available as an app or web AR application, enables faster and more effective onboarding or training, as the plants can be accessed anytime and anywhere. Its realistic, three-dimensional representation in reality enables faster learning and is also more engaging for trainees.

XR Scene also speeds up and simplifies workflows when working on site, especially hands-free with HoloLens 2: Important information is now right in front of your eyes. This not only helps the skilled workers to master complex tasks quickly and without errors, it also relieves your skilled workers: Now even less experienced team members can take on more responsibility on their own.

Visualize 3D objects with XR Scene, example bathroom furniture

More AR applications

Spacific's mission is to make easy-to-use augmented reality solutions available to companies of all sizes. If you are curious, discover the other AR applications! Or write us, our AR experts are at your disposal for questions or for a personal offer.

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