What digital tools does your sales force need?

With Spacific, companies profitably leverage the advantages of digital solutions in sales. They

Streamline and simplify processes

Convince customers faster

Achieve fast and accurate results

If you only have to invest half as much time for a task such as the planning measurement, the cost estimate or initial drafts, you significantly reduce personnel costs, can complete projects faster and become more competitive. AR visualizations on site, in turn, convince customers on the one hand, and on the other hand they facilitate work, such as installation.

By using digital solutions that build on each other intelligently, not only costs are reduced, but sales increase as well. We have implemented this by combining two Spacific apps to create a top sales tool.

Employees use augmented reality on the factory floor

Increase sales with LiDAR and augmented reality

Anyone who makes customized offers to their customers - be it the kitchen, the stair lift, the new electrics, the roof or new warehouse structure - has had to invest a lot of time and work for this up to now. First of all, a planning survey of the respective environment is required. Based on this the individual offer is created and finally the customer still has to be convinced.

At a time when both the costs and the duration of a project are absolutely game-changing, the advantage here is to the one who

  1. can make a concrete offer much faster (i.e. already at the first on-site visit). This in turn reduces internal costs, which leads to more leeway in the final price.
  2. can present his offer 1:1 on site in augmented reality. With XR Scene, your designs come to life in the blink of an eye, fascinating, interactive and (almost) within reach. Look forward to much more and much faster contracting.
  3. doesn't have to fiddle with blueprints at work, but can see the planning in augmented reality right in front. Mapping the planning data to the real location simplifies and accelerates implementation (e.g. installation) considerably, which in turn saves money on the one hand and also benefits the customer on the other.
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  • 50 % time for measurement
  • costly persuasion work
  • errors during installation
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  • complicated measuring methods
  • time-consuming data transfer
  • post-processing of point clouds
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  • with augmented reality
  • with competitive prices
  • with faster, better results
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More favorable

Reduce costs:

  • with faster completions
  • with shorter project duration
  • with less skilled labor
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Your new sales stars

XR Scan and XR Scene, the new draught horses of your sales department, are available on demand.

XR Scan is the expert for planning measurements. The app, which runs on iPhones and iPads, uses LiDAR to take measurements simply by walking around. You get direct results on site via the automatic area calculation or measuring points. At the push of a button, you get the exact dimensions you need - without point clouds and without post-processing. The automatically generated intelligent 3D model is available for further planning.

XR Scene builds on the preliminary work of XR Scan: Demonstrate your offer exactly where it should be with the help of the digital planning data, perfectly inserted into the environment with markers as 3D visualization. Present different options and color variants at the push of a button and let customers interact with the digital content in augmented reality. This way, your products do the convincing work first and foremost - without having to rely on the customer's imagination, without long explanations and without graphics or brochures.


For example: Kitchen planning

A small kitchen company is asked for an estimate and designs for a new kitchen - presumably it is not the only one. Right when the customer visits, the employee scans the kitchen with a smartphone or tablet and sets a few measuring points.

He sends the data directly to his kitchen planning program. Based on the customer's wishes, he now creates customized, initial designs from his templates. He can now not only show these to the customer directly during the customer meeting, he can also present them in augmented reality with XR Scene: The various kitchen designs are displayed digitally in the real environment via the tablet or a smartphone, with designs, surfaces and materials to try out. 

The customer can not only view the different variants in the real environment, he can also interact with the virtual kitchens - view them from all sides, enlarge them, ... Depending on the 3D model, the customer can also open cabinet doors or read digital notes and information.

The kitchen builder himself has thus saved a lot of time and work: he has created the complete measurement digitally in half the time, without manual measuring or time-consuming post-processing. Of course, he can pass this labor saving on to the customer and set competitive prices.

The kitchen builder can also respond much more directly and quickly to the customer's wishes and submit concrete offers, including costs, directly at the on-site meeting. He doesn't present his proposals in the abstract, but rather in close-up in augmented reality; life-size, three-dimensional, and anchored in color in the real room: exactly where the kitchen is supposed to be.

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For example: electrics

An electrical company applies for the electrical system in a new office building. With the help of XR Scan, all rooms can be scanned directly during the on-site visit, and customer requirements can be entered directly into the 3D model via taking notes in the app or setting measuring points.

The electrical company would otherwise have needed days to digitally measure all the rooms, including drawing in the planned lines, but now it is done within 1 to 2 hours. But that's not the only thing that saves time and money: The 3D model visualized from the data with the help of XR Scene illustrates to the customer what is planned and what he can expect, and it also makes the employees' work considerably easier:

Since the planning data can be pinned directly to the real location with the help of markers, the electricians no longer need to fiddle with construction plans, but can see all the plans directly in front of them in augmented reality while working on the new building. On a smartphone or tablet - or even hands-free with data glasses like HoloLens. In this way, many questions are answered automatically. Laying the lines is faster and smoother, and the error rate drops considerably.

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Are digital sales tools worth it for you?

In short: Most likely.

The combination of digital measurement and 3D visualization can be used sensibly and profitably in a number of industries in sales or for any work on the customer's premises. Areas of application include the planning, visualization and implementation

  • of roofs and facades
  • of floors and walls: for painters, electricians, plumbers, floor layers
  • for the installation of kitchens, fireplaces, stair (lifts) and heating systems such as heat pumps
  • of swimming pools, carports, gardens
  • in industrial applications such as high-bay racking systems, warehouse planning or in plant and mechanical engineering

The Spacific principle ensures that our digital solutions are worthwhile for any size of company: We offer maximally flexible and scalable standard solutions on an app basis that cover complete processes end-to-end and can also be integrated into existing IT structures. In concrete terms, this means that you don't need special equipment, expensive trained personnel, or have to turn your IT structure upside down. For more efficiency and more sales at the push of a button.

Whether you are a self-employed craftsman or a large family business, the benefits and competitiveness that come with using digital solutions are available to everyone - without having to tie up substantial capital in the long term for the development of an individual solution. As a license solution with various package sizes, you can generate sales with Augmented Sales as early as tomorrow! Try it out without obligation and start the free trial:

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