How AR moves projects forward

Documentation of construction progress is essential - but it is often time-consuming, tedious and error-prone. This is where augmented reality comes in to optimize workflows in shipbuilding! In the following, we would like to introduce you to these and other applications of AR in shipbuilding. In addition, you will learn why the use of AR solutions is much easier and cheaper than often assumed.

Augmented Reality einsetzen: im Schiffbau

AR for shipbuilding at the push of a button

Relieving the schedule, reducing costs and no longer tying skilled personnel permanently to tasks such as documentation and measurements - the advantages of using intelligent augmented reality solutions in shipbuilding are obvious. But can smaller companies afford it? Now yes: without development work or complex integration, Spacific's end-2-end, flexible standard solutions for business processes are directly available to you.

As easy as they are to deploy, they are also easy to use: guided workflows require no specialist staff, APIs integrate third-party systems, and a choice of the most popular data formats enables direct use of the data. See for yourself: 

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Better documentation with AR in shipbuilding

The constantly changing dimensions during construction progress require permanent adjustments of the planning basis - a process that often takes days with manual substeps and is also error-prone. With the fully digitized measurement solution XR Scan, the costs and duration of documentation are reduced in several ways: through continuous digitization, through the use of hands-free devices such as the HoloLens, through error prevention and the automatic creation of an intelligent 3D model which can be used directly for further processing:

  • Create a measurement job and assign it to an employee 
  • Set measuring points on site with tablet or HoloLens - also offline 
  • Save data, an intelligent 3D model is created automatically 
  • Retrieve data via APIs or from the cloud 
  • No post-processing necessary 

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Smartphone screen with stair view of XR Scan, including mesh
3D visualization for digital onboarding or training. AR scene with forklift, crates and info fields

Display better in shipbuilding with AR

3D is better than 2D - this is especially true for complex objects such as those found in shipbuilding. With the visualization software XR Scene App for complex AR scenes and XR Scene Web for browser-based AR, you can present your offers or the current status of the project everywhere perfectly and close enough to touch, along with the associated information. With XR Scene App, you have the option of adding virtual objects to reality, both location-based, i.e. firmly anchored in specific places, and without markers, for use in any environment. This makes the app suitable for guided workflows with visual support - for documentation or maintenance, for example - as well as for presentations to customers or at trade shows.

  • Create scene with objects and information in the backend 
  • Share scene with participants 
  • Call up the AR scene from smart devices
  • Present offers or progress 
  • Participants can interact with the objects 
  • Reset scene and reuse if desired 

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More AR applications for shipbuilding

Whether in the preservation of evidence, in training, at events or in marketing - augmented reality offers many more possible applications, especially for shipbuilding! Our list of practical examples is constantly growing. If you have any questions or would like a personal quote, please contact our AR experts and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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