Digital evidence preservation is this easy

Whether in construction or insurance, accurate evidence collection is time-consuming, costly and ties up professionals often and for a long time. With XR Scan, the end-2-end surveying solution with Lidar technology, you can create intelligent 3D models inside and outside in no time - at the push of a button, what used to take days is now done!

Simply deploy + use digital evidence preservation

If you have already dealt with digitalized solutions for the preservation of evidence, you know how difficult it can be to get started. Small and mid-sized companies are reluctant to develop customized solutions. This is where XR Scan from Spacific comes in: The customer-centric business process solution is a flexible and scalable off-the-shelf solution, compatible with any data format, even usable offline and easily connectable to their third-party systems via APIs.

  1. A measurement job is created in the Spacific Solution Platform, either for specific objects or for a free measurement. 

  2. The assigned employee sets measurement points, using a tablet, smartphone or hands-free with the HoloLens, and saves the data. 

  3. A 3D model is immediately created and available to you. 

  4. No more point clouds: There is no need for post-processing, you can process data directly. 

Test evidence preservation now

Create intelligent 3D models with XR Scan measurement solution, here living space
Seating group with LiDAR mesh and digital measurements

Preservation of evidence: procedure

The initial situation: indoors or outdoors, a situation is to be documented to the centimeter for preservation of evidence. In addition to dimensions, the resulting model must also contain information such as images and notes. 
The solution: Whether hands-free with the HoloLens 2 or with a tablet or smartphone, the XR Scene measurement app is used on site to measure objects, rooms or environments. The data is stored and sent directly to the cloud. The intelligent 3D model can be used immediately to preserve evidence and processed further. 
Advantages: The documentation or preservation of evidence is now fully digitized and the process is much shorter, also due to the lower error rate. Operational times are reduced and, in addition, skilled workers are no longer required for the simple work processes.  

Test digital evidence preservation now!

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3D scene created with XR Scene app: forklift and other 3D objects in mixed reality