Simply measure digitally with the scan app

Creating intelligent 3D models at the push of a button with the measuring app: The end-to-end business process solution XR Scan turns the otherwise individual, complex and time-consuming technical measurement into an easily completed task.

With the completely digitized measurement solution, you can easily measure by LiDAR scan - even offline - and generate precise 3D models for immediate further processing. And best of all, there's no need for post-processing at all.

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How does XR Scan work?

Like all our solutions, the scan app XR Scan is anchored on the Spacific Solution Portal: Here you create measurement jobs, send them to employees, receive the data as a 3D model and can process them directly.

On site, you measure digitally via the measurement app by using the LiDAR scan - via a smart device, such as an iPhone or iPad, or a special measurement tool like the HoloLens 2. The measuring data is sent to the cloud and immediately made available to you as a 3D model - so accurately it can be used for industrial production. If you wish: Simply integrate the measurement and scan app directly into your workflows via the connection of various APIs.

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3 steps only
Scan room
Scan room
3D model is created
3D model is created
Use data directly
Use data directly
Therefore measure digitally:
50 % faster
50 % faster

Digital measuring saves time: Cut the time for measuring in half.

Most precise
Most precise

Our scan app measures only what you need and maintains industrial tolerances.

35.000 €
35.000 €

fewer process costs are incurred per employee.


for the entire planning measurement: from the order to the use of the results.

Measurement with HoloLens or iPhone

XR SCAN enables complete digital measurement without rework using a HoloLens, iPad or iPhone with LiDAR technology. You can continuously see the results of your measurement while taking measurements. So you have progress and success constantly in view. 

  • Measure predefined objects directly on the basis of measuring points 
  • Take as many measurements as you like per job - even offline 
  • 99.8 % measuring accuracy at 1 m distance 
  • Creation of the 3D model through the measurement app

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Seating group with LiDAR mesh and digital measurements
Create intelligent 3D models with XR Scan measurement solution, here living space

Free configuration of measurement

The layout of the 3D models can be freely configured in the measurement app and adapted to your use case:

  • as object scan for single, isolated objects
  • as a room scan with the option to automatically detect and calculate floors or walls
  • as a free scan, optionally with measurement objects (such as handrails)

The data - provided via the secure Azure cloud backend - is available to you in real time. Via API interfaces, the XR Scan scan app can be easily integrated into any IT landscape. Retrieve the data via the cloud or your third-party system, for example in dxf, stp, stl or obj.

System requirements: To use XR Scan, you need an iPad 2020/2021/2022 pro, an iPhone 12/13/14 pro (each with iOS 14.4), or a HoloLens 2.

Digital measurement:
Examples & Applications

What is the exact procedure for digital measurement using LiDAR scanning? A staircase, for example, needs to be measured easily, quickly and accurately. You create an order in our portal, determine the parts to be measured and assign it to an employee. The employee, equipped with XR Scan on a tablet, smartphone or HoloLens, scans the staircase and sends the data back to the portal as a 3D model - without point clouds or postprocessing.

Some fields of application:

  • digital measurement of real estate and rooms
  • automatic wall/floor recognition, for example in facility management
  • intralogistics solutions, such as high shelves
  • shipment recording and packaging planning for the transport industry
  • Documentation and preservation of evidence

To all applications for digital measurement 

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Packages & Prices

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for occasional users

  • up to 500 orders per year
  • define up to 3 3D objects 
  • Branding of Spacific

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for regular, professional use

  • up to 2500 orders per year
  • define up to 10 3D objects
  • Administration by up to 5 users

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for intensive, commercial use

  • unlimited orders
  • unlimited 3D models
  • API usage and own branding

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3D models/yearExample310unlimited
(within org. unit)
Own Branding   on request
Use of Process APIs   check
Runtime14 daysfrom 6 monthfrom 6 monthfrom 12 month
Pricefreeon requeston requeston request
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