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Extend reality with virtual content, for augmented reality at the touch of a button: the AR app XR Scene is perfect for presenting your products convincingly, working with 3D plans, in sales, in training or as digital added value in the cultural and experience sector. With the augmented reality app you can create

  • Create AR scenes location-based or location-independent
  • Display any number of virtual objects and information in augmented reality
  • Let participants experience AR with any device or operating system
  • Access digital content anytime, anywhere

The AR app thus not only expands reality, but also your possibilities. See for yourself:

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Augmented Reality with XR Scene: Forklift and other 3D objects
3D-Visualisierung digitalen Contents: blaue Klötze
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Display multiple 3D objects

The end-to-end developed AR app XR Scene is part of the Self Service Portal. Here, you design your scenes independently from 3D objects including supplementary information. Decide how you want to place your scenes in the real world: Location-based or location-independent. After you have released the scenes to the participants, they can experience them from any smart device (iOS, Android or hands-free with HoloLens) and interact with the objects.

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Select objects
Select objects
Create scenes
Create scenes
Share & Experience
Share & Experience
Augmented reality, augmented possibilities:

Your digital sales assistant brings your products to life everywhere.


Tie your 3D scenes to fixed environments and let others experience them.

Ready for use
Ready for use

Secured end-to-end in the portal, the scenes are available to you at any time.


Innovation that takes you further: Discover augmented reality for your processes.

What can the augmented reality app do?

The XR Scene visualization software lets you virtually integrate objects and information of your choice into real environments: Location-based in fixed settings such as trainings or trade fairs or location-independent, e.g. for impressive 3D visualizations at customer sites in product presentations. As fast as your AR scenes are ready for use, as effective they are - as sales support, as realistic training or as a new dimension in the event area. By the way, also as Web AR with XR Scene Web!

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AR web pages in the browser

By the way: Augmented Reality can now also be experienced in the browser with XR Scene Web as Web-AR, simply shared via link or QR code: 

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Better results with 3D visualizations

It is often only one step from the use of visualization software to more sales and results - because your customers are convinced more quickly, because you use virtual equipment instead of tying up your capital for the long term, or because you have the better offer thanks to digital added value. XR Scene is worthwhile e.g. 

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Bus, fire extinguisher and other objects in augmented reality
Use of the Spacific Solution Portal

Manage content independently

The basis of our 3D software is a mini CMS, in which you manage both your data (objects, scenes) and users independently. As an editor, place 3D models easily and conveniently in the room and let your participants discover them. 

  • select objects from the 3D library or upload your own 
  • insert further information for the users 
  • create and share scenes from the 3D models 
  • use remote rendering for large 3D models

System requirements: To use XR Scene, you need an iPhone 6 or later, an iPad 8th generation or later (each with at least iOS 11), a HoloLens 2 or an Android device with at least version 10/API level 29, and an internet connection.

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Packages & Prices

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99 € per month


The ideal package to start

  • 3 scenes per year
  • 10 models included
  • Use of the Spacific ObjectStore

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Ideal for regular, professional use

  • 10 scenes and 100 models
  • Upload + objectstore
  • Up to 5 users

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For intensive, commercial use

  • 30 scenes and 300 models
  • Remote rendering + APIs
  • Your branding of the apps

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Location-based Augmented Realitycheckcheckcheckcheck
3D Models1010100300
Own Upload  checkcheck
Spacific Solution Portalcheckcheckcheckcheck
Use of ObjectStore checkcheckcheck
(within org. unit)
Remote Rendering of scenes   check
Your Branding   on request
Use of Spacific Process APIs   check
Runtime14 daysfrom 6 monthfrom 6 monthfrom 12 month
Price/monthfreeon requeston requeston request
Dennis Ahrens
Dennis Ahrens

CEO & Founder

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