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The next event should be something special? No matter if it's a child's birthday party, a teambuilding event or a bachelor party: With augmented reality for rallies and entertainment, a whole dimension of new possibilities is open to you. Using augmented reality for your next events is not only much easier, but also cheaper than expected - thanks to XR Scene App and XR Scene Web, the scalable and flexible standard solutions from Spacific.

XR SCENE APP for AR Rallies: Here's how it works

If you no longer have to rely on reality, but can and are allowed to position everything everywhere, your next rally or scavenger hunt will naturally have a whole dimension of more possibilities at its disposal - Pokemon Go has shown the way. The path to digital added value is quite simple:

  • You get the AR app from XR Scene
  • In our portal you choose objects from the library or upload your own. 
  • If you wish, you add information, clues & puzzles.
  • Then you place the virtual objects in the appropriate locations. 
  • You release the rally to the participants, who each bring a smartphone. 
  • Let's go! 

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2 ways to your AR Rally

1. complex AR scenes

The implementation of an AR rally with XR Scene App is straightforward: After the objects and clues/information are placed in the real world, each participant gets an ID. On the respective smartphone they bring along, they then not only discover the objects, but can also interact with them, such as move, rotate, zoom in, etc. Once the scavenger hunt is over, they can reset the scene and use it again later.

Test now & start AR Rally!

Augmented reality doesn't just exist as an app with XR Scene: as a web / online AR solution, we make the virtual world experienceable for everyone in just a few seconds. In no time at all, provide your customers with a website where they can virtually place 3D models in any environment and interact with them there.

As part of the Spacific Solution Portal, Augmented Reality in the browser with XR Scene Web is completely hassle-free to use, to experience and also to share directly. Whether as an impressive visualization in sales or as a cool virtual giveaway, now Augmented Reality becomes conceivably simple!

The digital measurement with XR Scan using the example of stairs including mesh and stair dimensions

Discover more AR applications

Augmented Reality doesn't just take your rally to a new level! Spacific's flexible and scalable AR solutions are extremely versatile: in marketing and sales, in production and documentation, for events and training. Discover for yourself how many possibilities are now available to you at the touch of a button! Our AR experts will also be happy to provide you with personal advice.

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