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Surveying entire rooms or environments, including all details, is a task that is as time-consuming as it is unpleasant, but one that is necessary over and over again in many industries, from engineering to real estate to construction. With Spacific's measurement solution, you simply use state-of-the-art technology for this purpose, create intelligent 3D models in the blink of an eye - and complete what otherwise took days in no time at the push of a button!

Room measuring app with Lidar scanner

Just document digitally

Anyone who has already dealt with digital documentation knows that the time and cost benefits are clear, but it is often difficult to get started because solutions are usually developed individually and at great expense. This is where XR Scan from Spacific comes in, the end-2-end business process solution with portal and app for smartphone or HoloLens: A flexible, scalable standard measurement solution for any data format, usable both online and offline, and easily connected to third-party systems via APIs. And this is how it works:

  1. Configure the objects to be measured in the portal. 
  2. Create a measurement job and assign it to an employee. 
  3. The employee uses a tablet, smartphone or HoloLens on site, sets measurement points and saves the data.  
  4. The immediately generated 3D model is immediately available to you.  
  5. No post-processing necessary, data can be processed directly. 

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Why document digitally?

Until now, anyone wanting to document environments such as rooms was faced with two options:

  1. Measure by hand, note the results and then create a 3D model or update it. Here, you only measure what is actually needed, but you lose a lot of time and accept a potentially high error rate.
  2. Surveying with a high-resolution scanner: Here, you get an exact image of reality, including texture, but then you have to do time-consuming post-processing of the huge amounts of data.

Digital documentation with XR Scan combines the advantages of both variants and dispenses with their disadvantages: It measures only what is really needed and converts the data directly into an intelligent 3D model that makes post-processing obsolete. Documenting with XR Scan is therefore very accurate, but above all also 60% faster on average than other approaches.

Create intelligent 3D models with XR Scan measurement solution, here living space
The digital measurement with XR Scan using the example of stairs including mesh and stair dimensions

Digital Documentation: Process

The initial situation: To record an actual situation, a room model is needed, including dimensions and information such as pictures and notes. Measurements are to be taken both indoors and outdoors.
The solution: The ideal solution is hands-free measurement using HoloLens 2; alternatively, a tablet or smartphone is also very suitable. The advantage here: Virtually everyone has it with them anyway.
Process: Using the XR Scan measurement app, the objects are marked, the data is saved and (if an Internet connection is available) sent directly to the cloud. The 3D model(s) can be used directly for documentation and further processed.
Advantages: The evidence collection process is completely digitized, the error rate decreases, as do the deployment times. Specialists are no longer required for the guided workflows. And best of all: photos and notes can also be captured digitally.

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3D scene created with XR Scene app: forklift and other 3D objects in mixed reality