Simply experience more with AR

Why your visitors love AR

New stimuli, new possibilities: With augmented reality, whether in a city tour or exhibition, you offer your guests immense added value and expand the experience by a whole dimension of new possibilities. A reality enriched with virtual content ...

  • makes history come alive, when historical figures & objects become tangible.
  • makes the impossible possible, extinct species and distant galaxies are just a click away.
  • is fun! From virtual scavenger hunts to hidden legends, delight all ages.
  • is easy to access in the browser via QR codes on any modern cell phone - no glasses, no app, no registration required.
AR for (guided) tours: See AR sailing ship via QR code

For you

Web-AR is the ideal way to enhance your tours, POIs and exhibitions easily and significantly! Increase the attractiveness of your experiences and sights, make them talk about themselves and stay in the mind:

  • 1000 obstacles removed: No content is now too big, too expensive, too far away or too extinct for your tour or museum. What will you inspire with next?
  • All it takes is a smartphone: Augmented reality is easily accessible to almost all of your guests, with just one click.
  • Created quickly, easily and affordably: Share your 3D content at the touch of a button - as easy as texting.
  • Include virtual background information, promotions and discounts as you wish.

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Simply experience more with AR

Can't do, won't do
Can't do, won't do

What will your guests discover next?

QR becomes AR
QR becomes AR

Just scan the QR code to watch the world expand.

One click to wow
One click to wow

AR impresses. Become the talk of the town!

New content all the time
New content all the time

Fill QR codes over and over again.

Try Web-AR for your experiences 14 days for free:

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Web AR of Spacific in Sylt's Legend Forest

Haven't you always wanted to meet a unicorn? In the Sagenwald Kampen (Legend Forest), Web-AR makes it possible: both young and old guests enthusiastically use the QR codes distributed in the little forest between Wennigstedt and Kampen. Having just scanned the codes with their cell phones, visitors find themselves in a magical meadow of flowers, surrounded by beautiful giant butterflies, or getting up close and personal with a cute unicorn. 

You want that too?

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Enchant your visitors with augmented reality:

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Did you know ...?

  • AR experiences are 200% more engaging: compared to their non-AR equivalents, they achieve twice the level of engagement. Source

  • Users are 3 times more likely to remember augmented reality, compared to other media. Source

  • Augmented reality receives 45% more attention than on-screen content. Source

  • Augmented reality is fun, plus the majority of users plan to use augmented reality again. Source
Do you have 3D content yet?

With your own 3D content, you can start right away with XR Scene Web. But if you still lack the content for AR happiness, you have several options:

  • Numerous online portals offer a large selection of 3D objects for free download, such as CGTrader or Sketchfab. For high-quality 3D content, it is often worth investing in the pay segment of these portals.
  • Alternatively, you can hire an agency to create custom content, such as for your digital city mascot or the unique virtual extension of artwork. 

Please note that you always need objects in GLB format.


What features & services await you?

  • XR Scene Web is part of the Spacific Solution Portal. Here you create AR web pages from your 3D content in seconds, which can be accessed immediately via links and QR codes.
  • The size of the 3D objects - such as your virtual dinosaurs or sailing ships - is scalable. Your guests can interact with the objects at will, rotate, reposition, zoom in and out.
  • Own branding: Starting with the Professional level, you can adapt the logo and colors of the AR pages to your institution or brand; starting with Enterprise, you also store the imprint and privacy policy yourself.
  • Action Points are linked buttons on the AR web pages.

Web AR as an easy-to-integrate, digital service with a big impact gets you more interest and attention in no time. Let your visitors simply experience more with AR and register directly for a free 14-day trial!

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14 days free of chargecheck  
Pages (Example incl.)1050200
Models (Example incl.)20100400
Object size scalablecheckcheckcheck
Own Logo + Background  checkcheck
Action Points checkcheck
Own Imprint + Privacy Policy  check
(within org. unit)
Create non-public pages  check
Runtime6 month6 month12 month
Price/month49 €*349 €*499 €*
Add a new dimension to your experiences:

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