How easy it is to use digital added value

The whale skeleton that comes to life when you look at the app, the virtual addition to the real work of art, or the digital giveaway for the home - augmented reality offers a number of fascinating possibilities, especially in the cultural sector! In the following, we would like to present not only some concrete applications for AR in the field of culture, but also explain how easy it is, especially for smaller providers, to include intelligent solutions in their events.

AR & Culture: What works, what doesn't?

In order to add virtual elements to reality with XR Scene, participants must either have a smart device (e.g. a smartphone) at their disposal or you provide them with something - e.g. a HoloLens, with which augmented reality can be experienced fully and hands-free. In terms of content, there are (almost) no limits: not only can you integrate any object virtually, the visitors can also interact with it individually, move the objects, rotate them, zoom in, ... Even animated objects are possible!  

Outside of events, the XR Creator also gives you the opportunity to give your guests virtual giveaways to take home - for example, your animated logo or mascot that can be brought to life at home on the living room table! 

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Integrate AR into events

Spacific's flexible and scalable Commercial off the shelf now enable anyone to use Augmented Reality. Both the AR app XR Scene for virtual added value in events and the web AR solution XR Creator for digital giveaways are based on our solution platform and developed on an app basis - easy to deploy and use from start to finish. The AR standard solutions no longer require any development work and can be easily integrated into existing IT landscapes. In addition, various package sizes are available for different requirements.

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AR & Culture: the virtual world

With virtual objects in real exhibition spaces, you have a whole dimension of new possibilities at your disposal. Adding a virtual layer to artworks or exhibition objects is also extremely exciting - not least for your visitors! In addition, location-based augmented reality gives you the opportunity to incorporate as much additional information as you like, for which there was no room in the real room, and you can also include a virtual scavenger hunt, for example. The implementation is as simple as that:

  • Assemble all 3D objects and information into a scene in our mini CMS. 
  • Place the virtual objects in the real space. 
  • Give your visitors the opportunity to install the app. 
  • Now anyone with a smartphone or other smart device can experience and interact with 3D objects.

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AR & Culture: digital giveaways

A souvenir that certainly won't end up in a drawer: With XR Creator, you can create web ARs - digital giveaways that can be accessed from any browser - in just a few seconds. For example, you can give your guests the (animated) mascot to take home via link or QR code, where they can bring it to life in any environment and at any time. The AR landing pages can also be designed with your branding.

In addition to the fascinated guests, also the environment  thanks you for the use of virtual giveaways, as they do not have to be produced, transported or disposed of - making them extremely sustainable and resource-saving. 

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More augmented reality

Augmented Reality offers a wide range of applications in many other industries - in marketing and sales, in real estate, for training, documentation and much more. Stop by or take the opportunity to write us a personal message, our AR experts will be happy to answer your questions as well as to create a personal offer.

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