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AR at the touch of a button

Spacific's AR solutions enable companies of all sizes to use augmented reality. For surveying, displaying, selling or convincing. The flexible and scalable standard solutions for location-based and markerless augmented reality require no development work and optimize your business processes with the latest technology - for more sales and better results.

All solutions are united on the Spacific Solution Portal, where you have access to the applications XR Scan, XR Scene App and XR Scene Web and can centrally control both your data and the user organization.


The solution for fully digitized measurement: XR Scan is an end-2-end measurement app that shortens and simplifies the measurement and documentation of rooms and objects.

Within the individual configuration, the scan of individual, isolated objects is just as possible as a free scan, a room scan or the automatic recognition and calculation of floor and wall areas.

Also usable offline, XR Scan creates intelligent and accurate 3D models from any environment at the push of a button. There is no need for time-consuming post-processing of point clouds, and operation is so simple that your specialists can turn their attention to more important things.  

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XR Scene App is the AR solution for visualization. Put your objects within reach everywhere - for guided workflows, as a convincing sales argument with customers or at trade fairs. Use digital added value at events or for better and more efficient training scenarios.

XR Scene as an app is both location-based and markerless, suitable for large 3D models via Azure Cloud Rendering and compatible with any smart device.

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Web AR at the touch of a button - XR Scene Web lets you create your own landing pages in seconds that bring augmented reality to life in any browser.

Whether for virtual fitting of the new kitchen table or with your animated mascot as a digital giveaway, this fascinating AR solution will keep you in the minds of your customers and guests. With augmented reality, you also conserve resources, from production to transport to disposal.

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XR Logistics

General cargo shipping is now faster, easier and more accurate: the measurement and shipping app handles the entire shipping process in one app.

XR Logistics scans the goods and transmits exact dimensions and shapes as well as addresses to logistics partners. This allows loads to be planned more efficiently, saving costs and resources.

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Solution Portal

The heart of our AR solutions is the Spacific Solution Portal. As a central control unit, the Mini-CMS is the backend of our products. All information from users, our solutions and data interfaces are gathered and processed here.

Registration is free and allows you to use various demo versions. Take a look and convince yourself with your own eyes of the advantages and diverse application possibilities of AR!

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Workshops & Lectures

And what can augmented reality do for you? In our Experience Workshop, we accompany you on site or remotely every step of the way:

  • We explain and demonstrate the technology of Augmented and Virtual Reality,
  • describe concrete goals and possibilities based on UseCases and
  • let you try out the applications in different scenarios.

Based on this, we will jointly find the best solution for your processes.

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