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A recent study makes it clear: skilled crafts businesses face a major challenge with regard to digitization. Constantly growing customer demands, high competitive pressure and a shortage of skilled workers ultimately make it unavoidable to digitally upgrade for Crafts 4.0. While the considerable advantages of digitization in the skilled trades are well known, so are the hurdles along the way.

It is precisely these hurdles that Spacific's business process solutions remove, making the benefits of digital solutions accessible to all. Our products hit the nail on the head, technically speaking, by optimizing processes, reducing costs and increasing revenues for any size of company, whether it's a large mid-sized business or a solo self-employed person. Without lengthy implementation, without high investments, without extensive training or special equipment.

On this page, we present 3 solutions and 3 paths to digitization in the skilled trades.

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Digitization in the skilled trades: pros & cons

What requirements must digital solutions for the skilled trades meet - and what hurdles must be overcome? The study prepared jointly by the German Confederation of Skilled Crafts and Bitkom in July 2022 finds clear answers to these questions:

1. become faster

The pace is picking up: In terms of customer expectations, 97% of the tradespeople surveyed said that they expected to receive feedback quickly, and 82% considered fast delivery to be important - long waiting times are generally less tolerated. Potential time savings were also seen as the greatest advantage of digitization, with 83% agreeing.

2. create customized offers

81% of customers, according to the respondents, would like to see more individualized offers in the course of digitization. But it is precisely for these that a lot of time and high costs have to be budgeted, as is well known.

    3. reduce costs

77% of customers have become more price-sensitive, the craftspeople surveyed replied. In terms of price, however, the respondents questioned the potential of digital solutions in particular: digital applications were oversized for the skilled trades (81%) and therefore not profitable, or were fundamentally too expensive (54%). At 41%, high investment costs were also cited as the most frequent obstacle to implementing digital solutions.

So far, so ...

The prevailing opinion about digitization offerings for the skilled trades is certainly justified. As a rule, digital solutions have so far had to be developed and implemented at great expense and effort, and team members have to be specially trained or newly hired. This increases the costs and personnel burdens for craft businesses, at least in the short and medium term, instead of decreasing them. Spacific has set out to change that.

Digitize the skilled trades with 3 standard solutions

1. Digital measurement in the trade

A sensibly implemented digital measurement system can significantly reduce the workload of tradespeople. Currently, the regularly recurring mammoth task ties up skilled workers, sometimes for days, due to lengthy measurements, data transfers or post-processing. With XR Scan, the end-to-end developed standard solution for planning measurement, not only is the time required reduced by an average of 50%, but your specialists are also freed up for more important tasks: The guided app-based application requires no extensive training and no specialist personnel.

As a flexible standard solution "off the shelf" that can be adapted to any size of company, XR Scan requires no development investment and can be easily integrated into your IT structure. This means that digital measurement for the trades can optimize your processes and reduce costs as early as tomorrow. See for yourself!

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2. Using augmented reality profitably

Of the craft businesses surveyed, only 3% were using augmented or virtual reality at the time of the survey, while 11% were planning to use it. However, significantly more than that can benefit from the numerous advantages:

The integration of virtual objects into the real environment (augmented reality) makes it possible, for example, to present offers that do not fit into a briefcase in a lifelike and interactive way to customers on site. Be it the fireplace that can be "tried on" in the living room, the various roof versions that customers can test in the real environment, or the different variants in kitchens, flooring, wall design, stairs, and much, much more, which customers can see almost within reach in front of them.

As a standard solution in app and web variants, XR Scene enables the integration of digital content in a wide variety of contexts:

  • XR Scene App is our AR multi-talent, able to display digital content both freely and location-based, as well as render complex AR scenes with multiple objects - for example, to display different kitchen furniture in augmented reality. Thus, the visualization is suitable for presentation and customer acquisition (in general, but especially also at the on-site appointment) as well as for facilitating the actual installation.

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  • With XR Scene Web, customers can experience augmented reality as web AR simply via a link or QR code, as in the article image, and "try out" their new pool in the real garden via the browser, for example. This not only makes your online offers much more attractive, you also increase customer loyalty.

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3. Augmented Sales: the ideal combination

You've probably already guessed: In many cases, the ideal solution for digitization in craft businesses is the combination of digital measurement and 3D visualization. We have described the synergy effects that result from the dovetailing of our solutions in detail as Augmented Sales. They score above all with

  • cost estimates and individual offers already at the first customer appointment
  • competitive prices
  • faster contracting and
  • more efficient work

You can also test this option free of charge and without obligation for 14 days.

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Employees use augmented reality on the factory floor

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So how do you make your craft digital?

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