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LiDAR scan app creates intelligent 3D models

Can you find your way through the jungle of digital measurement methods? From graphic to alphanumeric 2D measurement software and tachymetric 3D measurement to 3D laser scanning: as broad as the range of options is, you've been searching in vain for the fast and inexpensive way to accurate digital measurement. But let's start from the beginning.

Word has already spread that digital measurement tools are superior to manual measurement in many respects: faster results and fewer errors reduce costs and ease the burden on the schedule. But did you know that the technology has now been developed to the point where measuring can be done automatically and end-to-end completely with an app? Or that this solution is now open to everyone, without special equipment or horrendous development costs? You no longer need to hire specialists for the completely digital measurement with LiDAR scanner. You are now the specialist!

Digital measurement with tablet or smartphone and LiDAR 3D scan

Fully automatic measurement at the push of a button is with Spacific's digital measurement tools worthwhile for companies of all sizes:

  • LiDAR technology is used for digital measurement with XR Scan, which halves the time required for measurements.
  • As a result, both error rates and costs are significantly reduced.
  • From now on, no specialist personnel are required to create the digital measurement results.
  • Post-processing is also largely eliminated; you receive only the results you need.
  • The digital measurement is immediately available to you as an intelligent 3D model for further use.

In the following, you will learn how to perform digital measurements faster, easier and cheaper with LiDAR Scan and in which areas XR Scan is already successfully used.

Simply measure digitally

Not only is digital measurement itself conceivably uncomplicated with the Spacific measurement app, but also the way to it: as an end-2-end standard solution without development work or complicated integration - and thus without high start-up costs - the use of digital measurement tools also pays off immediately for SMEs. And this is how easy it is to measure completely digitally:

  • Create a measurement job in the backend: What exactly do you want to be measured? Choose from object scan (e.g. for packaging planning), room scan with the option to automatically detect and calculate walls and floors, or a free measurement that you can configure at will. Optionally, add specific objects to be measured.
  • Assign the job to an employee on site. He or she only needs a smartphone, tablet or HoloLens and can perform the digital measurement in no time, inside or outside and even offline.
  • After the data has been sent back to the backend, it is converted into an intelligent 3D model and can be used immediately.

Test digital measurement tools for free

Digital measurement is this simple
Create order
Create order

Incl. all important details, online in the backend


Without training or specialized personnel, even offline

Upload data
Upload data

Measurement data, photos and notes

Use 3D model
Use 3D model

Without postprocessing, without point clouds

medición digital - imagen de ejemplo gráfico 3D bloques azules
Technical graphic blue

Measurement examples


Since measurement examples for the profitable use of XR Scan can be found in a variety of areas, we have grouped the UseCases by topic for the sake of clarity. Whether it's digital measurement for planning stair lifts, roof renovation or packaging planning: Find detailed application options and processes for your measurement example.

  1. Measurements in and on buildings
    Walls, floors, doors, windows, chimneys, electrical lines, kitchens, stairs and roofs - simply measure digitally
  2. Digital measurement in an industrial context
    XR Scan is accurate enough for industrial production. Processes around plant and machinery, warehouses or complex structures such as high racks also benefit from digital measurement.
  3. Measuring objects digitally
    Transport goods and merchandise need to be measured just as frequently as they need to be measured accurately, for example when recording shipments, documenting damage or planning packaging.

1. Measurements on the building

In the trades, in construction or facility management, measurements in and on buildings are a frequently recurring mammoth task for numerous industries. The digital measurement with scan app is particularly suitable for:

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2. The digital measurement in an industrial context

Digitized measurement with XR Scan is indispensable for industry, both when planning and when updating inventory data. The accuracy of the measurement results from XR Scan also meets the requirements of industrial production. Specific areas of application are:

  • the industrial production
  • the planning of complex structures, such as high racks
  • Planning or conversion of warehouses and factory buildings
  • plants and machines

Test digital measurement for free

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[Translate to Englisch:] Waren und Transportgüter

3. Measure objects digitally

The use of good measuring software is also worthwhile with regard to individual objects. The measurement of goods in transit can optimize several business processes at the same time:

  • Digital shipment registration not only saves time and money during registration, it also bundles all data in one place and actively saves resources - for example by optimally utilizing freight compartments.
  • The situation is similar with damage documentation: With digital measurements, the effort required to prove the condition of the goods when they left or arrived is significantly reduced.
  • When planning the packaging of systems and machines, for example, you can reduce effort and error rates with digital measurements at the touch of a button and thus immediately reduce costs. How?

Select "Object scan" in the configuration of your XR Scan measurement jobs. In this way, you can create a digital measurement just for the corresponding object at the push of a button.

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Measurement Software & More: Spacific®'s Business Process Solutions

Our measurement software XR Scan is an example of the guiding principles that drive us:

Digital solutions should be open to everyone. We therefore develop our standard solutions in such a way that they not only significantly simplify and streamline processes and procedures, but that they can also be used directly by companies of all sizes. As a scalable and flexible COTS, there are no entry hurdles for development and complex integration.

Our app-based solutions, from the measurement software to the augmented reality app to the photogrammetry software, are just as easy to use as they are to purchase: Collected in a mini CMS for self-administration (use included in every license) , data, orders, licenses and users can be edited easily and independently. Other services such as remote rendering, guided tours, the integration of third-party systems via API and a library for 3D content are also available.

Register and test digitally

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Incidentally, you get the greatest possible benefit from XR Scan in combination with the 3D visualization solution XR Scene App! On our "Augmented Sales" page, you can find out how you can add a dimension of new possibilities to your sales by interlinking our digital solutions.

If you want to stay up to date on how augmented reality saves resources, reduces costs and generates measurable sales, take a look at the latest blog posts! Do you have further questions or are you interested in an individual offer? Feel free to get in touch with our AR experts.

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