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Digital measurement at the push of a button: With our flexible, standardized measurement app including lidar technology, you can halve the time required and significantly reduce your error rate and costs - with measurement results that are not only accurate and save you time-consuming post-processing, but which you can also process directly. In the following, we would like to introduce you to digital measurement with XR Scan as well as use cases and applications.

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Easy digital measurement

An end-2-end business process solution without development work or complicated integration: With the XR Scan measurement app, you create specific measurement jobs in the Spacific Solution Portal and assign them to individual users. These, equipped with a smartphone, tablet or HoloLens, then carry out the measurements or surveys in the shortest possible time using lidar technology, even offline. The data, converted into an intelligent 3D model, is immediately available to you, either via the cloud or a third-party system connected via our APIs.

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Planning measurement:
Example staircase

  • To measure a staircase in all important details, you create a measurement job:
    You specify the objects and individual parts to be measured (steps, railings, ...) directly and/or order a free measurement.
  • The user then calls up XR Scan, for example on his tablet, simply scans the staircase as he walks over it and sets measurement points for the individual objects.
  • For optimal progress and quality control, he always sees the measurement results in mixed reality.
  • He then sends the data back to the backend, where it is converted into an intelligent 3D model and is immediately available to you.

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Digital measurement:
Transport goods

In logistics, too, precise measurement data is permanently required in order to be able to transport or store goods and merchandise efficiently. Digital measurement with lidar technology noticeably optimizes your business processes here:

Simply create corresponding measurement orders, assign them to a field service employee who, for example hands-free with the HoloLens 2, takes completely digitized measurements with XR Scan in the shortest possible time and use the resulting 3D models directly for further planning and calculation - with retrieval of the data from the cloud or via your third-party applications (easily integrated with APIs) such as product configurators.

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Further applications

The measurement app for digital measurement can do even more: 3D models/BIM models must be created and kept permanently up to date if you want to document and calculate the (construction) progress. The XR Scan measurement solution is suitable for measuring entire objects, individual rooms and everything in them, whether doors, windows or high-bay systems, enables spatial reports/documentation and accelerates and digitizes measurements in industrial production, specifically in plant construction or shipbuilding.

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