Reduce costs & save time with digital measurement

Measuring fully automatically and at the push of a button is now worthwhile for companies of all sizes:

  • Digital measurement with Spacific's Measurement App uses LiDAR technology, which halves the time required for measurements.
  • As a result, both error rates and costs are significantly reduced.
  • From now on, no specialist personnel are required to create the digital measurement results, and there is no longer any need for post-processing.
  • The digital measurement in the form of an intelligent 3D model is immediately available for further use.

In the following, you will learn how easy it is to perform digitized measurements using LiDAR scanning and in which areas it is already being used successfully.

Simply measure digitally

Not only is digital measurement itself conceivably uncomplicated with the Spacific measurement app, but also the way to it: As an end-2-end standard solution without development work or complicated integration - and thus without high start-up costs - the use of digital measurement also pays off immediately for SMEs. And this is how easy it is to measure completely digitally:

  • Create a measurement job in the backend: What exactly should be measured? Choose from object scan (e.g. for packaging planning), room scan with the option to automatically detect and calculate walls and floors, or a free measurement. Optionally, add specific objects to be measured.
  • Assign the job to an employee on site. He now only needs a smartphone, tablet or HoloLens and can perform the digital measurement in no time, even without an internet connection.
  • After the data has been sent back to the backend, it is converted into an intelligent 3D model and can be used immediately.

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Digital measurement is that simple

Create order
Create order

Incl. all important details, online in the backend


Without training or specialized personnel, even offline

Upload data
Upload data

Measurement data, photos and notes

Use 3D model
Use 3D model

Without postprocessing, without point clouds

3D-Visualisierung digitalen Contents: blaue Klötze

Measurement examples

Since measurement examples for the profitable use of XR Scan can be found in a variety of areas, we have grouped the UseCases by topic for the sake of clarity. Whether it is digital measurement for planning stair lifts, roof renovation or packaging planning: Find detailed application options and processes for your measurement example.

  1. Measurements in and around buildings
    Walls, floors, doors, windows, chimneys, electrical wiring, kitchens, stairs and roofs - simply measure digitally
  2. Digital measurement in an industrial context
    XR Scan is accurate enough for industrial production. Processes around plant and machinery, warehouses or complex structures such as high racks also benefit from digital measurement.
  3. Measure objects digitally
    Transport goods and merchandise need to be measured as frequently as they need to be measured accurately, for example in shipment recording, damage documentation or packaging planning.

1. measurements on the building

In the trades, in construction or facility management, measurements in and on buildings are a frequently recurring mammoth task for numerous industries. Digital measurement with XR Scan is particularly suitable for:

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2. Digital measurement in an industrial context

Both in planning and in updating inventory data, digitized measurement with XR Scan is indispensable for the industry. Concrete areas of application are for example:

  • the industrial production
  • the planning of complex structures, such as high-bay racks
  • planning or reconstruction of warehouses and factories
  • plants and machines

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Digital solutions in production, example image Mixed Reality
Goods and transport goods

3. Measure objects digitally

The use of good measurement software is also worthwhile with regard to individual objects. The measurement of transport goods can optimize several business processes at once:

  • Digital shipment recording not only saves time and costs in recording, it also bundles all data in one place and actively saves resources - for example, by making ideal use of freight rooms.
  • The same applies to damage documentation: digital measurement significantly reduces the effort required to prove the condition in which goods left or reached you.
  • Even when planning the packaging of plant and machinery, for example, you can use digital measurement to reduce effort and error rates at the touch of a button and thus cut costs immediately. How?

Select "Object scan" in the configuration of your XR scan measurement jobs. This allows you to create a digital measurement only for the corresponding object at the push of a button.

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The business process solutions from Spacific

Digital solutions should be open to everyone. We therefore develop our standard solutions in such a way that they not only significantly simplify and streamline processes and workflows, but can also be used directly by companies of all sizes. As scalable and flexible COTS, the entry hurdle of development and costly integration is eliminated.

Our app-based solutions are also easy to use: gathered in a mini-CMS for self-management (use included in every license), data, jobs, licenses and users can be edited independently and easily. Other services such as remote rendering, guided tours, integration of third-party systems via API and a library for 3D content are also available.

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Digital applications as COTS
Car in augmented reality on tablet
Learn more

In addition to digital measurement, we also offer the AR visualization solutions XR Scene App and XR Scene Web. The use of augmented reality not only simplifies and illustrates the handling of complex 3D models, such as those created during digital measurement. Digital content also takes you further in marketing or sales, maintenance, onboarding or events. 

If you want to know how augmented reality saves resources, expands possibilities and measurably generates sales, discover the numerous applications or take a look at the latest blogposts. If you have any questions or would like an individual quote, feel free to get in touch with our AR experts.

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