Digitally measure rooms with scan app

If you regularly need room measurements, you probably have to invest a considerable amount of time in measuring and/or post-processing the results. With the room measurement app XR Scan, you can now obtain digital measurements of rooms or entire apartments at the touch of a button. Intelligent, accurate and directly usable.

The room measurement app for everyone

For getting room measurements with XR Scan, you are quite likely to already have the devices you need. The measurement app uses the LiDAR-sensor, which is built into all modern iPhones and iPads.

But not only that: By creating XR Scan in form of a flexible and scalable standard solution, we have removed another barrier for SME to entry the digital world. Without costly development or integration, you can start digital measuring tomorrow and cut time as well as costs for the room measurement immediately!

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Getting your data easily and quickly

Whether you are planning a floor, want to calculate the floor area of an apartment or need precise wall and ceiling dimensions, XR Scan will provide you with pinpoint measurements in your desired format. The data from the LiDAR scan is made available to you in the form of an intelligent 3D model that you can use directly without any post-processing.

What's more, with the intuitive app you no longer need specialist personnel to get the room measurements. Furthermore, you can scan rooms even without an Internet connection - you only need to be online to receive the order and upload the data.

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Measuring rooms at the touch of a button
Scan rooms
Scan rooms
Upload measurement data
Upload measurement data
Use 3D model
Use 3D model

How to measure rooms or apartments

XR Scan consists of 2 parts, an app and a mini CMS, the Spacific Solution Portal. In there you manage the orders and data, your licenses and employees.

1. Create job for room measurement

Create a job in the Solution Portal and, if necessary, explain what exactly is to be measured. In addition to the general measurement of entire rooms or apartments, you can also commission specific objects whose dimensions are displayed directly in the app by setting measurement points. You then assign the job to an employee.

The mini CMS from Spacific
Measuring space with XR Scan on a tablet

2. scan room

  • Equipped with a smartphone, tablet or HoloLens, the employee opens the room measurement app on site and calls up the job.
  • The guided scan simply takes place while walking through the room or rooms. Measurement points are set for direct results.
  • The employee can always see the progress and quality of the scan in mixed reality.
  • In addition to the scan, the app offers the option of taking screenshots and storing notes.
  • Once the rooms have been measured, the employee sends the data back to the Spacific Solution Portal.

3. the room dimensions as a 3D model

  • Back in the backend, the data is converted into an intelligent 3D model in no time.
  • The 3D model of the room, the rooms or the apartment is thus directly available to you without time-consuming post-processing. For a particularly smooth data transfer, you can also connect third-party systems to the Solution Portal via API.

Were we able to arouse your interest? After registering on the portal, you have the option of testing the room measurement app free of charge and without obligation for 14 days. More information about XR Scan is available on our product page. If you have any further questions or would like a personal quote, please contact our digitization experts!

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