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Whether roofers, flat roof renovators or green roofers, all roofing trades require precise measurements of the object and the ability to visualize plans in detail. Small and medium-sized companies in particular often use costly or error-prone methods - the hurdle of using digital solutions for measuring and planning roofs seems too high. This is exactly where Spacific's end-to-endstandard solutions come in, for simple and accurate measurement, intelligent 3D models at the push of a button, and convincing visualization solutions.

How does digitization help the roofing industry?

Spacific's business process solutions cover two fundamental areas with regard to roof planning:

  • Every roof planning phase requires an exact measurement as a basis for calculation. Currently, at least some of this work is still done by hand, which is time-consuming for specialists. The fully digitized measurement with XR Scan not only halves the time needed to take measurements, but also delivers results without the need for post-processing.
  • The AR visualization solution XR Scene brings planning to virtual life. The planned, renovated or greened roof can be presented close enough to touch and to scale using augmented reality. Emotionalization in this phase of the sales process supports customer decision-making. Different variants of roof coverings and color options can be compared with a wipe. This is how you are remembered in the long term.
Digital roof surveying, roof determination

Digital roof planning with XR SCAN

Folding rule and laser are outdated: The digital measurement with LiDAR technology from XR Scan delivers accurate results in the form of an intelligent 3D model in half the time - without tying up skilled workers.

  • A smartphone or tablet is sufficient for scanning the roof.
  • The data is then transferred into a 3D model that can be used directly. Without point clouds, without post-processing.
  • As a flexible and scalable standard solution, both high development costs and complex implementations are eliminated.

This means that the many advantages of digital solutions also pay off for small and medium-sized companies; roof planning becomes faster, more accurate and significantly cheaper. In this blogpost about digital roof design you can find out more.

Visualize the planned roof with XR SCENE

AR visualization with XR Scene App adds virtual content to reality - for example, for a detailed visualization of the planned roof. On site or in any environment.

The planned roof can be anchored as 3D content at fixed points in reality (the roof). The ability to see the roof up close and in detail on site not only facilitates internal communication and collaboration with external partners, it is also an excellent marketing and sales argument - convincing at the touch of a button.

It is also possible to present 3D content without being tied to a specific location. Whether at trade fairs or with potential customers, the use of augmented reality, simply via smartphone or tablet, makes your offers particularly vivid. Your counterpart can interact with the virtual objects at will, enlarge, rotate and reposition them.

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Roof visualization and planning with digital solutions

Spacific's business process solutions

Digital applications as COTS

We want digital solutions to be open to everyone. The development of our standard solutions therefore focuses not only on significantly simplifying and streamlining workflows and processes, but also on ensuring that they are worthwhile for any size of company. As flexible and scalable COTS "off the shelf", development costs are eliminated on the one hand, and on the other hand, the app-based solutions are both easy to integrate and use.

The basis of our solutions is a mini-CMS for self-administration, the use of which is included in every license. TheSpacific Solution Portal lets you edit data, orders, licenses and users independently and offers further services such as remote rendering, guided tours, the integration of third-party systems via API and a library for 3D content.

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More about digital solutions

If you find the potential applications of digital solutions as fascinating as we do, we have good news: We are constantly expanding the list of possible applications and relevant industries!

For news, we recommend you take a look at our blog. If you have specific questions about how Spacific's solutions can be integrated into your company, feel free to get in touch with our AR experts. We look forward to hearing from you!

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