Roof measurement without counting tiles

How to quickly create precise 3D measurements for roof design

Roof visualization and planning with digital solutions

For every trade, a precise and detailed measurement is the first priority for a successful order and satisfied customers. This is a task that poses a challenge in terms of effort and work safety, especially for the roofing trades. Traditional methods such as tile counting quickly reach their limits when it comes to determining the geometry of complex roofs. Manual measuring is a reliable solution, but it takes a lot of time and requires entering the roof.  

Modern technology makes it easier to measure roofs for new construction or renovation purposes. Among the different variants, the right tool can be found for almost all jobs of roofers, plumbers or electricians. 

Previous methods for roof measurement

Visualization of conventional measurement methods: laser and ruler

Roof measurement by laser

The successor of the scale is the laser device. A precision tool that can capture all relevant data and store it in the form of point clouds. From the raw data, expert employees can then read out dimensions and create models.

The on-site scan takes only a few seconds, but the evaluation requires expensive software, trained personnel and costs a lot of time.

Measuring roof with drones

No question, the use of a drone for roof surveying or roof determination looks impressive. No sooner has the drone been launched and guided over the object in a few laps than numerous measured values are available. However, the purchase of a powerful drone is expensive and employees must be trained and licensed for the flight, maintenance and analysis of the collected data. As an alternative to owning a drone, there are service providers who carry out the process and deliver ready-made data packages. This option also incurs considerable costs and the time availability of the service providers must be included in the construction schedule.

Drone in flight
Beispielbild Drohne

Satellite images

Thanks to services such as Google Maps, aerial photos of many existing properties are available. Homeowners can find numerous instructions on the web for creating their own roof calculations based on these images. However, this method has some shortcomings. The measurements are only a rough estimate, and data such as slopes and specific features cannot be captured.

The roof measurement with XR SCAN

XR Scan is Spacific's digital measurement app that creates accurate 3D measurements of roofs in no time and makes them usable. The software requires no additional training and uses the hardware built into iPhones. After all, modern smartphones already bring the prerequisites to be an important tool for all trades that need to measure roofs quickly, easily and precisely.

With XR Scan, these requirements can be easily and effectively integrated into the work process and are scalable. The scan can be easily performed during the roof inspection from a scaffold or working platform. 

The evaluation of the collected data is automated in the web portal. This means that measurements and models are available for further processing shortly after the scan. They can either be used directly for a cost estimate or construction planning, or exported via interfaces. XR Scan is the solution for small and large craft businesses that want to save time and thus money when creating digital measurements.  

Digital roof surveying, roof determination

Visualize 3D data with XR Scene

The connection to XR Scene turns XR Scan from a practical and cost-saving tool into a complete solution for construction planning with the customer.

With the modern 3D technology you can visualize different roof coverings on the real roof in original size and make the customer's purchase decision much easier.  

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