Does your industry also benefit?

Can your business processes still be optimized? Augmented reality means great advantages for companies in almost every industry. Here we would like to give you an overview of where our solutions can specifically help you. Augmented Reality shows its strengths in industry and companies whenever reality is to be captured, when the benefits of products and goods are to be presented, when you want to hold events or generally draw attention to your company.

By the way: Augmented Sales, the combination of our digital solutions, especially pays off across industries in sales. Find out how you can sell more efficiently with LiDAR and augmented reality by reducing costs and increasing your sales at the same time:

Augmented Sales

Industry and SMEs

Three focal points are emerging for industry and SMEs:

  • Most companies need to capture an as-is state at some point and measure objects or spaces. 
  • Whether in manufacturing, maintenance or training, intelligent visualizations simplify and accelerate processes.
  • Finally, it is then quite quickly a matter of presenting things virtually, whether in direct sales and strengthening the marketing of products.

Augmented reality is the technology that can make these requirements a reality in seconds. Discover how your industry benefits from AR: 

Mechanical Engineering Production Shipbuilding

Tesla in Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality with XR Scene
The digital measurement with XR Scan using the example of stairs including mesh and stair dimensions

AR in the construction industry

In existing properties, when it comes to obtaining a 3D model for remodeling work or updating an existing 3D model after remodeling work, solutions that every employee can carry with them offer the best alternative. The devices and apps based on them, equipped with LiDAR sensor technology, massively shorten processes and significantly reduce costs for companies.   

Find out which other applications and examples specifically help companies in the construction industry. How can your industry make profitable use of digital solutions?  

Technical building equipmentReal Estate Construction

Digitization in the skilled trades

Digital solutions also give tradesmen a clear competitive edge: With the XR Scan measuring app, folding rulers and pencils are a thing of the past; instead, doors, walls, windows and roofs are now measured digitally. In half the time, without tying up skilled workers and with results that can be used directly. 

Take a look at the example of a roof to see how easy it is to use digital solutions, even for smaller craft businesses - and how they can cut costs and free up resources at the touch of a button.


Digital roof surveying, roof determination
Digitization in logistics, example image

Digitized logistics

The potential applications of digital solutions in logistics are as numerous as they are profitable. From digital shipment entry and packaging planning to documentation and hall planning, logisticians save time and resources immediately by using flexible standard solutions. 

Find out how easy it is to optimize your processes with our business process solutions - for digitized logistics at the push of a button.


AR for Culture & Education

Extending reality with virtual objects also adds a new dimension to your possibilities, especially in the event sector: exhibitions with digital added value, training sessions with any virtual objects instead of having to invest in special equipment, city tours, rallies, ... AR sets more than just accents here!

Culture & Events Education and training

Augmented reality in events and exhibitions

Learn more?

Now you know where augmented reality can be used sensibly, now you're interested in how? Discover how easy it is to get your processes moving with our AR solutions for industry and business. Learn how you can save time and reduce costs - for more sales and results. Or contact us, our AR experts are at your disposal for questions as well as for a personal offer.

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