How AR supports the real estate sector

From construction managers to architects to real estate agents - anyone who works with real estate should not miss out on the great potential that augmented reality offers here! Both in the actual work with real estate and in its presentation, for example for marketing and sales purposes, augmented reality solutions optimize processes, save costs, time and work, and quite concretely achieve more sales and results.

In the following, we would like to present to you on the one hand the fields of application for AR in the real estate sector, and on the other hand show you how easy it can be to use the right AR solution. 

 AR and digitization in construction, space in mixed reality on tabletop

AR for real estate at the push of a button

Large companies have long recognized the advantages of using augmented reality in the real estate industry, such as creating detailed and accurate 3D models with digital measurements or presenting real estate close-up, including all the details, with a visualization solution. Smaller and medium-sized companies, however, shy away from the high investment risk that individual solutions entail.

Spacific's business process solutions are flexible and scalable COTS "off the shelf" - without development work or complex interface integration. The fully digital measurement with XR Scan or the visualization software XR Scene App and XR Scene Web are on the one hand end-2-end designed and directly applicable, on the other hand customer-centric in application: App-based and not dependent on specialists.

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Measure real estate better with XR Scan

Accurate measurements and exact room models are essential not only for planning and for documenting the construction progress, but also for presenting the properties. The fully digitized measurement with XR Scan saves time and labor and thus reduces costs. The measurement is twice as fast, requires no skilled labor and delivers results that can be processed directly without post-processing:

  • Create a measurement order in the backend
  • Assign the job to an employee on site
  • The employee uses a tablet or HoloLens to set measurement points. 
  • The scan is fast and accurate using Lidar technology. Offline, too. 
  • An intelligent 3D model is automatically created and sent to the cloud. 
  • The model can be used directly for calculations and planning. 

Display real estate better with XR Scene

More convincing than any brochure: The visualization software XR Scene App presents real estate up close and personal. Present offers or the current construction progress in detail at any scale, including supplementary information. De visualizations with augmented reality can be experienced both location-based, in a fixed environment, and marker-less in any environment. This makes them suitable both for providing visual support in the properties themselves - for example, virtually demonstrating the planned kitchen or leaving precise instructions at the right point during maintenance work - and for convincing customers more quickly and easily in sales.

3D-Visualisierungen: Beispiel Küche
  • create a scene from the respective 3D objects and further information
  • Share it with employees or customers if desired
  • Access the scene from any smart device (smartphone, tablet, HoloLens) 
  • Present offers or progress realistically, in detail and convincingly
  • Reset the scene and use it again at will

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More AR applications for real estate

At trade fairs or for preserving evidence, for easier learning in training or in marketing - the real estate sector offers even more fields in which augmented reality creates better results and more sales. Take a look at our constantly growing list of concrete practical examples! You are also welcome to contact us, our AR experts are always available for questions or for a personal offer.

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