AR for events: Opportunities & Solutions

Whether it's an exhibition, a trade fair or a concert, anyone who (co-)designs an event has to set new stimuli every time in order to inspire visitors. Augmented reality offers a whole dimension of new possibilities here. Enriching reality with digital added value via virtual content frees you from almost all restrictions. Costs, space, storage and transport no longer play a role. Instead, fascinate and inspire your visitors with interactive experiences. And if you fear high costs and a lot of effort when using augmented reality in events, we have good news.

AR for events can be this simple

The path to digital added value for your events is quite simple: Spacific's AR solutions are flexible, end-2-end developed standard solutions that can be easily integrated into existing IT systems - for AR at the push of a button. The basis of the solutions is the Solution Portal, a mini-CMS through which you can easily manage your solution(s).

With XR Scene App, for example, you create scenes in the portal from the 3D objects of your choice, which are either location-based at a fixed location or markerless and can therefore be used as desired - even in ever new environments. Your guests need nothing more than a smartphone to discover the virtual layer of your event.  XR Scene Web, on the other hand, enables markerless web AR, simply to be called up in the browser.

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Augmented Reality in Museums & Exhibitions

We've detailed how we envision the future of the museum in this blog post - but what's possible now?  With the XR Scene App, tomorrow you will be able to integrate 3D objects of your choice firmly into any environment. For example, you can place a virtual mummy in the pharaoh's tomb, or even have it stand up and place a virtual information panel next to it. You can digitally extend artworks - visible when visitors open the app on their smartphone.

Think of all that had no place, was too delicate, could not be installed or sourced. And most importantly, think of how unique and memorable the experience will be for your guests. Just try it out: 

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Augmented reality in events and exhibitions
Experience AR: Spacific employees with HoloLens

Augmented Reality at trade fairs & congresses

What is the opposite of mandatory event? Your new trade show presence! The question of how to stand out and attract attention at networking events, trade shows, workshops and congresses now no longer ends in a colorful banner.

With the ar solutions XR Scene App and XR Scene Web you can share your visions and offers, make them within reach of your guests! Demonstrate with (animated) 3D objects in augmented reality how your groundbreaking heating technology works 1:1, let potential new customers virtually swim through your new pool, take a look at the new garage from all sides. Best of all, with markerless AR or XR Creator's web AR, your scenes will accompany you and your customers wherever you go! But isn't that complicated? See for yourself: 

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Discover more AR applications

Augmented reality is not only great for enriching events and functions. From marketing and sales to optimized business processes in production, the potential is huge: Take a look at our ever-growing list of concrete AR applications. Feel free to use our contact form and get in touch with us. Our AR experts look forward to hearing from you.

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3D visualization for digital onboarding or training. AR scene with forklift, crates and info fields