Sustainable & fascinating:
How to inspire with virtual goodies 

Small gifts not only maintain friendships, but also strengthen customer loyalty - but only if they are appreciated. Classic giveaways such as key fobs or USB sticks have little appeal in this regard, and they also often have a heavy impact on the environment, from production to transport to disposal. Digital giveaways are a completely different story: Not only do they arouse genuine interest, they are also sustainable and resource-saving. Find out below how easy it is to inspire people with virtual content. 

Digital giveaways:
How it works

Give your customers augmented reality to take home, bring your mascot, products or lettering to life virtually anywhere. Sounds great, but complicated and expensive? With XR Scene Web you have found a solution that is as easy to use as it is to apply: Create markerless web AR to call up in the browser in under 30 seconds, digital giveaways at the touch of a button!

In the Spacific Solution Portal, you can easily create web pages with your branding that your customers and guests can call up via link or QR code. And your 3D objects can be experienced from any smartphone. Try it out! 

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Examples and ideas for digital giveaways

What do you want your customers to remember? With a great product, your trademark or mascot? Web AR not only lets your customers place 3D objects anywhere, they can also interact with them - zoom in, move, rotate. The possibilities become even more diverse when you use animation.

A few ideas: 

  • Whether cars, designer furniture, or steamrollers: Your high-quality products to try out virtually 
  • Your trademark in the living room - that stays in your head. 
  • The (animated) company mascot as a charming eye-catcher 
  • The art object for your home, perfect after the exhibition visit 

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More AR applications

Digital giveaways are just one of many examples of how augmented reality can easily help companies increase sales and profits. If you are curious, discover the many other possible applications as well! If you have any questions or would like a personalized quote, feel free to get in touch with our AR experts.

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