How to sell real products with virtual content

Marketing and sales are always strongest when they fulfill real needs. With the use of augmented reality, you succeed in doing just that: you showcase your products impressively everywhere, inspire and arouse interest. We believe: Virtual objects are just what your marketing and sales team needed! But take a look for yourself ...

Present offers and products on site

Especially those who sell capital goods such as plants and machines or are active in the real estate sector know the difficulty of not being able to simply bring their offer with them when talking to customers. With XR Scene you now have the possibility to make your sales arguments almost tangible thanks to AR: Easily create scenes with your products that can be called up anytime and anywhere - you or the customers can not only see the objects in any environment, but also move them, rotate them, zoom in... All you need to have with you is a smartphone, tablet or - for particularly impressive effects - a HoloLens.

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Experience Augmented Reality with XR Scene, example Tesla
Visualize 3D objects with XR Scene, example bathroom furniture

The virtual sofa in the living room

Whether it's shoes, a sofa or the new kitchen table: customers love to be able to get a real picture before they buy, but don't have to put in any effort to do so. With XR Scene Web's one-click web AR, created in seconds, you can do just that: Create augmented reality websites with your products in no time, which you can then share as a link or QR code. Your customers can, comfortably and barrier-free at home in the browser, virtually place the new sofa in the living room - or, if desired, in the kitchen.

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Sales Boost Twin Pack 

Our digital sales solutions become even more powerful in the intelligent combination we call Augmented Sales: With XR Scan, create a digital measurement of the customer's environment in no time at all and use this as a basis to sketch out customized offers during the first on-site meeting. Inspire your customers now directly with products and designs in augmented reality, life-size and anchored in the right place! 

Find out more on our Augmented Sales page. You can also test diegital sales solutions free of charge and without obligation for 14 days:

To Augmented Sales

Employees use augmented reality on the factory floor
Augmented Reality with XR Scene: Forklift and other 3D objects

Enrich live experiences virtually

The trade fair where you can show your guests the latest crane up close and personal, the networking event where your air conditioning technology is displayed in all its glory in the room, the sales room where you enrich reality with everything that would otherwise be too big, too elaborate or too expensive - your possibilities to score convincingly with augmented reality in marketing and sales are only limited by your imagination. Discover how much faster and easier you can convince customers from now on with the AR app XR Scene!

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Virtual giveaways

Ballpoint pens, lenyard and USB sticks as giveaways only meet with little interest? Your home augmented reality goodies created with XR Scene Web will certainly not have this problem!

From now on, you can easily give your products to guests and visitors via link or QR code in a website that corresponds to your brand - absolutely sustainable and resource-saving, without transport routes and packaging waste as well as completely barrier-free. The 3D models, which you can simply call up in the browser and place in any environment (and also interact with them!), will not only be met with great enthusiasm by users, this fascinating experience will also be gladly shared with the world.

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