Convince with Augmented Reality in Sales 

Ready to take your sales to the next level? Give your employees the chance to virtually extend the sales conversation directly at the PoS. We are certain: Spacific's flexible AR standard solutions - without development work, without complex interface integration - open up the many benefits of the virtual world to you, and not just in e-commerce. Find out how you can convince your customers tomorrow with amazing 3D visualizations, strengthen customer loyalty with Web AR, or show guests and partners your offers 1:1 at trade fairs and let them discover or experience them for themselves.

Why start now with augmented reality for products?

Augmented reality is a simple and convincing path to more sales, greater awareness and customer loyalty. But: Until now, integration into business processes was considered expensive and time-consuming. Spacific has made it its business to make flexible AR standard solutions available to everyone, end-2-end, deployable and usable at the push of a button. Now small and medium-sized companies can also benefit from this: 

  • The products are not only within your customers' reach, they can also interact with them, experience them live in action, including information added by you. 
  • You can offer your customers a fascinating and convincing experience, win them over more easily and improve their loyalty. 
  • In real estate or plant engineering, you can present your offers 1:1 and with all details. Everywhere and at any time. 
  • In times of pandemic, you can still reach all your customers virtually on the basis of Spacific's virtual solutions and convince them of your products.

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Standard solutions for digitization, virtual handshake
Visualize 3D objects with XR Scene, example bathroom furniture

AR in e-commerce:
Virtual fitting

Will the new sofa fit in the living room? Will the new kitchen furniture fit in your home? Now your customers won't know until after they buy. With the browser-based AR solution XR Scene Web, you can create websites in your look and feel in under 30 seconds, allowing your products to be tried out virtually in any living room or kitchen in the world with just one click. Without any special device or app, but just like any other website: in the browser!

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AR for products:
On site with the customer

Not all offers fit into a briefcase - when talking to customers, machine and plant manufacturers and many others often have a hard time presenting their offer realistically. With visualization software like that from XR Scene, this is no longer a problem:

Create a scene in the Spacific Solution Portal from the 3D objects you want to present and call it markerless, anywhere! Whether it's the pool, the high rack or the new heating system: your product appears close enough to touch, with all details and features, can be moved and zoomed in. Brochures and videos simply can't keep up.

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3D scene created with XR Scene app: forklift and other 3D objects in mixed reality

AR for showroom and events

With location-based augmented reality, you can tie virtual objects firmly to a place in reality - for example, to your salesroom or trade show booth.

This way, you always have your complete range of products on site, without any storage or transport problems, and you can impressively present even large devices or systems to your customers and bring them to life live via integrated animations.

If the 3D objects are too large, this is no obstacle for XR Scene: Thanks to remote rendering, the objects can be brought directly from the cloud to the device.

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Augmented reality is great for selling products, but it can do so much more! Take a look at our growing list of concrete applications that will help you achieve better results in no time. Or use our contact form and get in touch with us!

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