AR for more sales and happier customers

Why your customers love AR

Augmented reality offers your customers immense added value: Whether kitchen or corner sofa, they can try your products virtually at home, with just one click. This greatly strengthens and speeds up the decision for your offer:

  • no imagination required, your kitchens/sofas speak for themselves.
  • AR has been proven to remove purchasing uncertainties, and your customers are convinced quickly and sustainably.

The question, which color fits the carpet or which variant looks better at home, can now be answered via Web-AR as fascinating as it is simple and unambiguous. Simply by accessing a link or QR code on your phone - without glasses, without app, without registration.

Web AR link for 3D kitchen to open with cell phone

Why you will love AR

Your individually configured products and offers as web AR, you won't want to miss that anymore. The possibility that your customers can see the new kitchen or sofa landscape in its original size at home, brings you demonstrably

  • more customers
  • more revenue per customer
  • higher customer satisfaction and loyalty

And with minimal effort: XR Scene Web lets you create AR websites with your customized offerings as quickly and easily as they are inexpensive. Without expensive development, without complicated integration. Just at the push of a button.

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AR easier than ever

Link + QR code
Link + QR code

Simply open AR page in browser

on cell phone
on cell phone

no special equipment necessary


Try out full size offers

Überzeugen auf Knopfdruck
Überzeugen auf Knopfdruck

AR says more than 1000 pictures.

Try Web-AR for your products 14 days for free:

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Did you know ...?

  • Augmented Reality does an an excellent persuasion job: The greater the buying uncertainty of the customers, the stronger the effect of AR. Source

  • 2/3 of the customers expect to be able to make a better purchase decision with the help of AR. Source

  • Online stores for furniture that offer AR generate on average 21% more sales, the shopping cart total is 13% higher. Source

  • Augmented Reality on average doubles customer responses and is 3 times more memorable than traditional marketing/sales methods. Source

  • Augmented reality is fun: Not only are customers significantly more motivated to engage with your offerings, they also say after first experiences above average often that they want to use AR again. Source
What customers + users say
That certainly helps very well. Then you can put everything in and see which fits best in the room.
Customer about AR when buying furniture

Customer about AR when buying furniture

It helps, of course, that you can show what it looks like and how it works. So it certainly helps better than a photograph, because in principle you perceive it as it appears in space, as you see it.
Customer, 51, via AR as decision support

Customer, 51, via AR as decision support

You can just imagine it better instead if I sent a photo of it now.
18-year-old AR user

18-year-old AR user

If I had that when I planned my kitchen, it would have looked very different. Then I would have seen the narrow spots directly.
wistful kitchen owner

wistful kitchen owner

What features & services can you expect?

  • XR Scene Web is part of the Spacific Solution Portal. Here you can create AR websites from your 3D-Content in seconds, which you can immediately share via links and QR codes.

  • The size of the 3D-Objekts - such as your virtual kitchen - is scalable. We recommend 100% object size so that your customers have the 1:1 comparison. Users can interact with the objects at will, rotate, implement, enlarge and reduce them.

  • Own branding: From the level Professional you can customize the logo and colors of the AR pages of your brand, from Enterprise also imprint and privacy.

  • Action Points are linked buttons on the AR websites.

  • You can upload your 3D objects in the common GLB format.

From tomorrow, take advantage of the competitive advantage offered by high-quality digital services such as Web-AR and register directly for a free 14-day trial!

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Create non-public pages  check
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