Is it worth using an app to measure windows?

Since our measurement app XR Scan is very well suited as an app for window measurement, we have a clear answer to this: Of course! Measurement software that can be used to digitally measure windows is, of course, intended for the business context - for window installers or other people working in the construction industry, for facility managers and building cleaners. In other words, for all professional groups that have to measure windows regularly and are justifiably unhappy with the current offering:

  • Manual measurements of windows take a long time, are very error-prone and must then be transferred to the respective programs or models - which also takes a long time and is error-prone.
  • Measurement results via scan or through other (at least partially) digital solutions must be laboriously post-processed by specialist personnel before they are usable. Keyword "point cloud" ...
  • Digital measurements of windows can usually only be created with specially developed solutions, which are simply too expensive, especially for SMEs.

We are pleased to be able to report to you in the following that and how our app for window measurement (or for the digital measurement of several other objects, areas and buildings) solves these problems. For accurate window measurements created in less time without development costs and intensive post-processing.

How the window measurement app works

Using Lidar Scan to digitally measure a window, view of XR Scan on a tablet.

XR Scan, our measurement solution, which is also perfectly suited as a window measurement app, is an end-to-end standard solution for business processes - i.e. it handles the complete window measurement process digitally from A to Z and was developed with maximum flexibility and compatibility so that it can be used at the push of a button and without development costs.

How do you have to imagine it? After your registration in the Spacific Solution Portal (the first 14 days a free trial version is available) you download the app on an iPhone or iPad. On site, you open it, scan the corresponding windows using LiDAR and set measurement points if necessary. After uploading the data, your results are directly available to you as an intelligent 3D model and can even be seamlessly transferred from the portal to third-party systems via API.

A video and the detailed process below will give you an impression of what window measurement via the app looks like in detail.

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digital window measurement - example image 3D graphic blue blocks
spacy blue graphic

The window measurement in detail

The XR Scan software for measuring windows (as well as many other things) consists of 2 components: the app on the mobile device and the Spacific Solution Portal. Here you manage measurement jobs and results, your licenses and users. This is also where your digital window measurement starts:

1. the measurement order

To ensure that all important window dimensions are recorded, create a measurement job at the beginning. Determine what is to be measured - inner and outer dimensions, window handles? If necessary, define important individual parts such as frames or window surfaces.

After you have specified exactly which window dimensions you need, assign the measurement job to an employee. This person calls it up on site on the iPad, iPhone or HoloLens.

2. Scan window/s

  • The measurement app guides the user through the actual scanning of the window/s in the shortest possible time. For objects whose results are needed immediately on site, he or she sets digital measurement points.
  • The measurement results are permanently displayed in Mixed Reality while creating the window measurement, thus enabling consistent quality and progress control. Among other things, the mesh in the app shows the accuracy of the measurement results.
  • By the way, window scanning is also possible offline! An internet connection is only needed for communication with the portal, i.e. when receiving the order or uploading the data.
  • Parallel to the results of the LiDAR scan, notes or screenshots can also be added to the window measurement.
Create intelligent 3D models with XR Scan measurement solution, here living space

3. The window measurement as a 3D model

Once the scan is complete, the employee sends all the data back to the portal at the touch of a button. Here they are immediately converted into an intelligent 3D model.

Without time-consuming post-processing, the window dimensions are now immediately available for further use.

It is possible to try out our window measurement app for 14 days free of charge and without obligation - simply register via the button at the bottom of the Spacific Solution Portal. If you would like to read more, you will find further information and numerous application examples on our XR-Scan product page.

Test window measurement app for free XR Scan

A measurement app not only for windows

As a universal measurement app, XR Scan is also suitable for measuring doors, stairs or entire rooms or apartments. Its use is by no means limited to interiors, but is also possible outdoors. Another feature that is particularly appreciated by our customers is the automatic calculation of floor and wall areas, the results of which can be seen directly in the app during scanning.

We have compiled a comprehensive list of measurement examples and applications here:

Digital measurement

Measure room with app, tablet with XR Scan
Employees use augmented reality on the factory floor

What synergy effects occur, especially in sales, in the form of saved time, reduced costs and increased sales when a digital measurement meets the optimal 3D visualization solution? We have investigated this on the following page. Let yourself be fascinated and inspired - when will you also use the advantages that digitization offers?

Augmented Sales

Learn more?

If you have any further questions or would like a personal meeting to discuss window dimensions or other issues, we also have good news for you! By clicking on the contact button you have 2 options: you can send us a message or you can make an appointment for a call with one of our digitization experts. Either way, we look forward to hearing from you!


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