Augmented possibilities with augmented reality

Hybrid events are events that merge several levels or types - the focus here is particularly on the combination of live experience and digital content. With the augmented reality solutions from Spacific, you can not only inspire your visitors with the possibilities of the virtual world, the use of AR at hybrid events is also extremely uncomplicated!

The use of AR in hybrid events

Concerts, congresses, exhibitions and trade fairs, where any content can be added virtually - no question, hybrid events enhanced by augmented reality represent a clear added value for visitors. But how expensive and complex is the deployment for event organizers? With XR Scene you can create fascinating scenes with the 3D objects of your choice at the push of a button: The end-to-end flexible and scalable standard solution is part of the Spacific Solution Portal, here you create the scenes in the backend and release them to all participants - Augmented Reality can be used at any event!

  1. Install AR app XR Scene 
  2. Select or upload 3D objects and information 
  3. Compose scenes 
  4. Share and experience via smart device 

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Example exhibition/museum

How does the use of augmented reality in hybrid events look in practice?  

From the visitor's perspective: An exhibition about ancient Egypt was announced as a hybrid event. Upon entry, you are provided with an app that you download. In addition to the exhibits and information panels, further content opens up virtually - you can see a mummy in the pharaoh's tomb, the pyramids of Giza or the pulling devices for transporting the pyramid stones in their original size. In addition, more information is available to you in the app, for a richer and absolutely fascinating overall experience. 

From the organizer's perspective: you use XR Scene, without expensive development work or complicated integration. Here you can create both location-based and markerless augmented reality scenes - meaning you can tie scenes tightly to a location, or repurpose them over and over in any environment. You can upload your 3D objects and information from your system, or you can use Spacific's 3D library. You then share the scenes with the participants, who can then experience them immediately in the app. 

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Augmented Reality not only helps you create fascinating hybrid events, but can also profitably support your business processes in many places! Whether in marketing or sales, in presentation or in production, discover how easy the integration of intelligent solutions can be! Our AR experts are also available for a personal consultation.

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