What can Web-AR do for you?

This is what XR Scene Web brings: generate real revenue with virtual content

 Create Web AR pages yourself

Spacific has a new product, XR Scene Web, for Web-AR at the push of a button. In this post, we not only want to explain what Web-AR is, but also describe in concrete terms what this new technology can do for you - how to suddenly sell significantly more flowers with virtual content, for example.

What actually is Web-AR?

Augmented reality describes the expansion of reality to include digital content - such as photos, videos or (animated) 3D models. These are not only visually embedded in reality, you can also interact with them, move them, rotate them, enlarge them, etc. Augmented reality became generally known with the game Pokémon Go.

Until now, this usually required special devices, such as AR glasses like the HoloLens, or at least corresponding apps that users had to install beforehand. Web AR now enables augmented reality quite simply in the browser*, just by clicking on a link or QR code. Not every browser can embed virtual content in reality yet, but this feature is already available to the majority of users via Safari and Google Chrome.

* System requirements

What is it good for?

Absolutely everything! Browser-based augmented reality is ideal as a marketing tool - as was particularly evident during Corona. Potential customers can stay at home and still get in touch with companies in a very concrete way: for example, by trying out different kitchen tables with Web AR directly at home. Digital giveaways are also an excellent way to fascinate and activate users. What's more, virtual objects are not only much more flexible, but also more sustainable and resource-saving.

Where does XR Scene Web come in?

With XR Scene Web, web AR is now child's play for both sides: not only in the ease of use, simply by click or QR code, but also in the simple and fast creation of the augmented reality pages. Like all our AR solutions, XR Scene Web is based on the Spacific Solution Portal. Here, companies can upload their own content as well as soon use 3D models from the object library to create the pages. This takes just a few seconds and also offers maximum design freedom, for example with logos and colors.

For whom is XR Scene Web worthwhile?

For all those who want to inspire their customers, partners and users without detours! The application is also affordable for small and medium-sized companies via various package sizes and, as a flexible standard solution, can also be easily integrated into any IT structure if required. Those who want to make intensive use of browser-based augmented reality can not only create a large number of pages in the "Professional" and "Enterprise" packages, but also adapt them to their own brand and store imprints and data protection.

To XR Scene Web

What does Web AR look like in practice?

Beate W. runs an online flower shop and is looking for ways to attract new customers, strengthen the loyalty of existing customers and, on top of that, stand out from other providers. Web-AR opens up a range of new possibilities for her:

She can now offer the option of sending flower greetings or testing bouquets virtually. All her customers have to do is click on the relevant link or scan the QR code - without an app, simply with their cell phone, tablet or laptop.

What Beate needs in addition to XR Scene Web is the appropriate 3D content, i.e. her virtual bouquets. Some free apps, such as VisualFSM, can be used to convert photos into 3D models, but Beate can also look for ready-made, suitable content - on various portals as well as in the Spacific object library, which will be available later this year.

In addition, she can use Web-AR for digital giveaways and, for example, print a QR code on her business card that leads to a virtual bouquet of flowers with her logo.

The ability to limit the duration of each Web AR page also safeguards Beate against her offer being exploited. For example, she can adjust the "shelf life" of the virtual bouquets to that of the real ones or only activate them for specific promotional periods. Furthermore she can create non-public pages that are accessible exclusively to her customers.

With bouquets via Web-AR that can be placed on any living room table in the world at the click of a button, Beate secures plenty of attention in social media. Her users will enthusiastically try out this feature and share it with others - and Beate's flower business is the talk of the town, increasing demand for both virtual and real bouquets.

Where else is Web AR used?

The most obvious and established use of browser-based augmented reality for all providers is in the field of interior design - a well-known Swedish furniture store, for example, already uses Web AR intensively. And for good reason: the ability to try out carpets or cabinets from the comfort of their own homes is not only fascinating for customers, but also offers them concrete benefits. But the list of possible applications is much longer:

Visualize 3D objects with XR Scene, example bathroom furniture
  • From shovel excavators to swimming pools to air-conditioning technology - if your product range doesn't fit into a briefcase, Web-AR now offers you the opportunity to present your product range to potential customers easily and within reach. As a supplement in the online store, as a link/QR code in the presentation or e-mail, simply anytime and anywhere.
  • If pictures say more than 1000 words, how much more can three-dimensional objects express? Web-AR also convinces faster and easier for on-site product presentations, be it for stair lifts or mechanical engineering.
  • Augmented reality for augmented possibilities - this also applies on site, for example at a trade fair stand or in the showroom. Add a virtual layer to your events that any visitor can easily access via QR code.
  • Is it possible to impress customers with giveaways without incurring expenses and transporting lanyards halfway around the world? Now yes - virtual giveaways, whether in the form of your products or your (animated) logo or mascot, will not only stick in your customers' minds, they'll also go easy on the environment.
  • Virtual Fitting is not only about furniture, also shoes, clothes, hats can be brought directly to the user by means of Augmented Reality - for a fascinating as well as impressive almost-like-shopping experience. Without the need for a return slip.

You want to expand this list or also make your company flourish with browser-based augmented reality? Register now directly in the portal and test the basic version with all important functions 14 days free of charge. A demo version is also available just to try it out. And if you still have questions, just use the contact form below - we're happy to help!