We are part of the Microsoft MRPP

Spacific is now a certified partner in the Mixed Reality Partner Program.

Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner Program

Since January, Spacific and Microsoft have been working even more closely together: Until now, Microsoft has been important to us as a strategic OEM partner and as a sales opportunity for our PaaS and SaaS solutions via the Azure Marketplace. Now we are expanding the collaboration and are pleased to have successfully gone through the certification process for the MRPP. Being part of the highly qualified network around Mixed Reality is on the one hand a clear distinction, on the other hand it opens up many advantages for our customers.

What is the MRPP?

Microsoft's Mixed Reality Partner Program is an international, community-based program for selected companies that design, develop or operate mixed reality solutions for Microsoft HoloLens 2. The principle is "shared growth": the more successful the providers and their solutions are, the more successful the associated Microsoft technology will be. Members of the MRPP can therefore count on multiple support in the development of their solutions; they learn about new developments before the public does, have a direct line to Seattle or Redmond, can network with each other, and are presented preferentially to customers looking for MR solutions.

Hololens applications promoted by the MRPP
Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner Program Membership Requirements

What requirements do partners have to meet?

To become part of the MRPP, a certification process is required: In addition to being a member of the Microsoft Partner Network and actively selling at least one HoloLens solution, at least 3 developers or designers must each pass 4 technical exams that test their knowledge and skills for mixed reality solutions. Conversely, certification therefore means:

  • Approved: The HoloLens solutions offered have been professionally reviewed and endorsed. 
  • Seal of Quality: Microsoft confirms the company can offer well-designed and qualified HoloLens software. 
  • Confidence: Our customers know immediately that both the underlying technology and our solutions based on it meet high standards.

What does the MRPP membership mean for our customers?

Being part of Microsoft's Mixed Reality Partner Program creates trust on the one hand and supports us in product development on the other:

External effect

In terms of external impact, the membership is another Approved signal for our customers - our solutions have been peer-reviewed, are distributed via Microsoft and fill a significant void. Solutions like XR Scan on the one hand as well as the specific meshing of our solutions on the other hand do not exist in the portfolio so far: XR Scan creates a completely digitized measurement, the result is immediately available in the cloud as a 3D model and can be used directly for product configuration. Both the model and the products can then be easily visualized in the room using XR Scene App and XR Scene Web. Everything can be controlled centrally from one platform.

Hololens 2 solutions at the heart of the Microsoft MRPP

The MRPP also significantly increases our reach, and we are better perceived in our core area of expertise. MRPP members are called upon more quickly worldwide to answer open questions about HoloLens, for example, in order to use the services they have already developed or (also collaboratively) to develop special services for customers - for better solutions in less time.

To the solutions

Updates and Support

With the regular monthly MRPP calls, members receive beta versions, roadmaps and updates around HoloLens even before the release. This way, we can ensure that we are on the right track with the development of our products and follow the relevant trends. The calls also provide the opportunity to ask questions directly to the Microsoft HoloLens team for the best possible technical support. The community also offers the opportunity to network with other mixed reality partners and, for example, to tackle major challenges in partnerships, to create joint showcases and thus to effectively drive forward digitization.

Microsoft support for Hololens services
Studies on the effectiveness of HoloLens 2
Studies and facts

Various marketing materials are also available to MRPP members. Studies such as the one on the proven effectiveness of HoloLens in various application areas are particularly relevant for us - we use the results to convince our customers of the advantages of Mixed and Augmented Reality in an even simpler and fact-based manner. For example, the fact that the use of HoloLens saves an average of 156 skilled worker hours in the production area!

More about the Hololens 2

Are there any other SpacificĀ® certifications on the horizon?

Well-known certificates and awards make it easier for customers to recognize trustworthy companies - accordingly, we never have enough meaningful seals of approval for our products. In addition to membership, the MRPP also offers Silver and Gold levels, but these are currently linked to the direct or indirect sale of a large number of HoloLens data glasses. Our focus is on maximum flexible solutions, applicable on both tablet and smartphone as well as HoloLens, especially with regard to the SME sector.  

Our next milestone in this area will most likely be cloud certification, which we are working on in parallel with the further development of our solutions.

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