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If you want to reduce your transportation costs, the XR Logistics app now offers you new benefits and opportunities! For companies of all sizes, transportation costs are a key factor that has a direct impact on profits. But how can you reduce your costs without sacrificing efficiency? The solution is to use our modern logistics app:

Record shipment dimensions in seconds with XR Logistics, optimize scheduling and actively reduce your costs! Greater efficiency means fewer journeys, less fuel and better competitive opportunities. Rely on smart logistics solutions now and reduce your transport costs directly and sustainably.

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XR Logistics - Logistics scheduling optimized smartly

Optimally utilized
Optimally utilized

Record measurements via app and optimize processes

Everything in view
Everything in view

SSCC, dimensions and photos in one app

Reduce costs
Reduce costs

Planning logistics more efficiently saves noticeably.

Intelligently integrated
Intelligently integrated

Connect your systems via API

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What does the logistics app offer?

With the logistics optimization app, your employees can record shipment dimensions quickly and clearly - so your customers pay for the space they actually need, capacity utilization is optimized and your sales increase. Logistics digitization can be that easy: 

1. scanning: Open the logistics app and scan the SSCC of the goods

2. measure: record the outermost points of the goods

3. photograph + send: Optionally take photos of the consignments. Now send the data to the backend and ...

... done! You now have all shipment dimensions clearly assigned in one place, perfectly prepared so that other systems can access and process them.


Optimize your logistics processes at the touch of a button

With the XRLogistics app, you can easily increase the efficiency of your scheduling - without complex integration, without changing your systems or intensive training for your employees.

The digital recording of shipment dimensions

  • is significantly faster than manual measuring methods
  • drastically reduces the error rate and
  • allows you to make optimum use of resources such as transport space - and thus reduce journeys and the fleet to the ideal size.

Measurement data, SSCC and optional photos in one place

  • make planning easier
  • avoid queries and misunderstandings
  • simplify documentation

XR Logistics as an intuitive, end-to-end app

  • unlike other logistics programs, requires neither specialist personnel nor intensive training
  • does not require any special equipment and
  • also records data offline.
How can you get started?

Free of charge and without obligation! Get XR Logistics by clicking on the Appstore button and register in the Spacific Solution Portal for a free 14-day demo version. Do you have any questions? Please use the contact form at the bottom of this page! 

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For single users

  • Use by one person
  • 129 € per user and month

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For logistics SMEs

  • Use by at least 5 people
  • 99 € per user and month

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from 10 x 69 € per month*


For intensive use

  • Use by at least 10 people
  • 69 € per user and month

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