Win, inspire and retain customers with AR 

Technology that inspires - this is especially true of augmented reality today. Especially in advertising! With a reality extended by virtual objects, long-desired possibilities are open to you, without your customers having to buy expensive equipment. The future of this technology is clearly browser-based, without any special app or device. With the XR Creator for Web-AR in seconds, this future has already begun!

For all live advertising and marketing activities, whether in the showroom, at trade fairs or on-site at the customer, XR Scene provides you with a range of new possibilities to convince your customers.

Experience augmented reality with your cell phone

Why augmented reality in advertising?

Because it pays off. AR offers enormous advantages in communication at the PoS:

  • You can explain your offer better, present even large systems 1:1 and with all details virtually. Everywhere and at any time.
  • Your products are presented fascinatingly and as comprehensively as you want at any time.
  • You offer your customers a unique, innovative experience.
  • You will increase the awareness of your brand.
  • You will be able to win customers more easily and retain them better.

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AR in e-commerce:
Virtual Fitting

Finally, advertising that actually inspires and helps customers in a tangible way: Until now, you only knew exactly whether the new sofa or kitchen furniture would really fit in your home after you had bought it. An AR app for 3D visualization like XR Scene or the web AR solution XR Creator change that. They bring your offers virtually to the customer - with markerless AR, the products can actually be placed anywhere, so you can also "try on" glasses, shoes or hats at will.

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Visualize 3D objects with XR Scene, example bathroom furniture

Living Product - Bringing your brand to life

With markerless web AR, you can not only bring your products to your customers virtually, you can also take your merchandise to a new level. Whether products, lettering, the animated mascot or your logo, with one click on a link or after scanning the QR code, the objects appear virtually in every living room. Conventional advertising measures can pack up.

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The AR Showroom

Be able to present all models and all designs always within reach: With XR Scene, you can call up all your offers virtually and present them impressively even in small sales rooms: Seeing the new pool, the forklift or the new production line directly in front of you and still interacting with it convinces your customers much faster than photos or videos could. With augmented reality, space problems are also a thing of the past! You can also add additional information to your complete product range at will.

AR-Showroom with XR Scene

Augmented Reality with XR Scene: Forklift and other 3D objects
AR applications, example globe

Fairs & Events

What applies to your sales rooms has long applied to your trade show booth: Convince potential customers and partners in seconds! The app-based and end-2-end developed visualization solution XR Scene makes it easy for you. Whether you are a plant engineer, architect or manufacturer of capital goods: present your offers and products virtually in all their glory, experienceable from any smart device.

Your visitors can interact with the 3D objects, trigger animations and see your offer with their own eyes. Even at home: Using browser-based AR as a giveaway, for example, will make you even more memorable - in a sustainable way, without the use of plastic, without transport routes and the risk of being stuck with lenyards or USB sticks. 

3D visualizationvirtual giveaways with XR Scene Web

Augmented reality for search engine optimization

Google knows that your users will love AR capabilities: Google AR, a new feature of the search engine, on the one hand enables targeted searches for augmented reality applications (once again, your chance to stand out from the competition), and on the other hand, such offers are rated accordingly and the pages are ranked higher - for more visibility, more benefits and more direct persuasion.

Take the chance to let augmented reality marketing do it for you - with Spacific's customer-centric, flexible standard solutions, the step into the virtual world is as easy as can be. More sales and results without expensive development work or complicated interface integrations.

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