Gründung Spacific

We made it

By end of last year we founded Spacific GmbH a startup specializing on scalable AR/MR solutions for the industry.

We were inspired by

↦ our vision that #augmentedreality will change both, engineering and production processes in the industry

↦ your feedback that the industry is demanding #AR / #MR

↦ our conviction that products and solutions have to be developed from a user perspective

Spacific GmbH will revolutionize industrial measurement processes by using #HoloLens and #Azure. And of course, we will create an open platform solution which can be used by everyone!

#modernworkplace will be more #digital,

more #intuitive,

more #collaborative &

more #end2end…

and we will be part of it!


Next step:

Finding #partners who share our vision and want to be part of our journey to success!
Follow our journey and get in touch with us!



#AugmentedEngineering #Founder #Levelup


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