Create 3D models yourself with photogrammetry app

Turn 2D into 3D: With the XR Creator photogrammetry software from Spacific (available in September 2022), you can create your own 3D objects of objects, rooms or even people in no time! The 3D photo app converts photos into 3D objects in 2 steps, which are then available to you for numerous uses.

Creating your own high-quality 3D content has never been so easy:

  1. XR Creator's automated process independently captures images.
  2. After uploading, a 3D model is created from the photos within a few minutes.
  3. The 3D objects you create yourself can be used directly for your augmented reality applications! 

Use Augmented Reality with the photogrammetry software XR Creator as easy and comprehensive as never before. Especially in combination with XR Scene for web AR and complex AR scenes, the ability to create your own 3D objects opens up countless possibilities, from marketing and sales to training and events.


Create your own 3D objects in minutes


Automatically capture the photos in the app


Download the cropped 3D objects in GLB format


Usable for AR pages as well as AR scenes

How does the XR Creator work?

The end-to-end developed photogrammetry app for creating your own 3D content is part of the Spacific Solution Portal. To turn images into a 3D object, you launch the app and walk around your object (or subject) while the app takes photos. Then upload them - a few minutes later you'll be notified that your 3D content is ready, including a preview link.

2D becomes 3D
Take pictures
Take pictures
Experience AR
Experience AR

Using photogrammetry profitably

Your 3D objects or 3D persons created with XR Creator open up numerous possibilities: You can include them in landing pages for augmented reality (web AR) as well as use them in complex augmented reality scenes - making the photogrammetry app the ideal complement to XR Scene Web and XR Scene App! Use your 3D content to ...

  • optimally visualize products in the sales process
  • inspire customers in marketing with AR pages
  • conduct cost-effective and effective AR trainings
  • add a virtual dimension to trade fairs and events
  • digitize maintenance and guidance
  • significantly increase the attractiveness of online stores

The Spacific Solution Portal

Like all our solutions, the photogrammetry software XR Creator is gathered in our mini-CMS for self-management, the Spacific Solution Portal. Not only can you create your own 3D objects here, you can also use your 3D content here - with XR Scene - directly for augmented reality visualization or - with XR Scan - automatically and accurately measure objects and environments using LiDAR.

From single sign-on and the 3D library to remote rendering and the management of various employees and roles, a number of services are available here. The basic use of the portal is included in the price of each solution.

Packages & Prices

15 €/month


for occasional users

  • 15 3D objects
  • Use of the Spacific Solution Portal
  • Branding of Spacific

48 €/month


for regular, professional use

  • 60 3D objects
  • Use of the Spacific Solution Portal
  • Administration by up to 5 users

150 €/month


for intensive, commercial use

  • 300 3D objects
  • Use of the Spacific Solution Portal
  • API usage and own branding
Spacific Solution Portalcheckcheckcheck
3D models15160150
(within org. unit)
Own Branding  on request
Use of Process APIs  check
Runtimefrom 6 monthfrom 6 monthfrom 12 month
Price15 €*48 €*150 €*

* per month, excl. VAT, available as of September 2022

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CEO & Founder

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