Experience augmented reality in the browser

With XR Scene, augmented reality is not only available with an app: As a web AR solution, we make the virtual world tangible for everyone in just a few seconds. In no time at all, provide your customers with a web page where they can virtually place 3D models in any environment and interact with them there.

As part of the Spacific Solution Portal, augmented reality in the browser with XR Scene Web is completely hassle-free to use, experience and also share directly. Whether as an impressive visualization in sales or as a cool virtual giveaway, now AR becomes conceivably simple!

Web AR - simply fascinating


Experience AR without an app and on any device


Your 3D models in any living room in the world


created in 30 seconds with a few clicks


as well as useful for your customers

What can XR SCENE WEB do?

XR Scene's web-version lets you virtually experience your 3D models in any environment, simply through a web page in the browser - no app, no installation, no special devices. Make the website part of your brand by adding your logo and color scheme. 

From the sofa to the new shoes to the forklift or the new high rack, your 3D objects are embedded in the real world with one click. Even animated objects are possible! The fascinating experience is sure to be shared by your customers and guests as a web AR application, so you impress various potential new customers, visitors or participants in one step at the same time.

Web AR in 30 seconds
Upload objects
Upload objects
Customize website
Customize website
Share link / QR code
Share link / QR code

How does the XR CREATOR work?

XR Scene Web is part of the Spacific Solution Portal, a mini CMS that is easy to integrate. Here you upload your 3D models in GLB format, design the website design in a few steps with your logo, your desired colors and imprint and the web AR is ready.

Share the page as a link or QR code - and your products can be admired in every living room in the world. The question of whether the new armchair matches the carpet has found an answer with XR Scene Web that is as fascinating as it is easy to experience.

System requirements: PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet are suitable for using XR Scene Web. Smartphones and tablets must support ARCore (current overview). Furthermore, an HTML5- and AR-enabled browser (currently Safari and Chrome) is required.

Test Web-AR now for free

Packages & Prices

49 € per month*


For occasional use

  • 10 pages and 20 objects incl.
  • Upload and ObjectStore
  • AR web pages in Spacific look

Demo versionTry free of charge

349 € per month*


Ideal for regular, professional use

  • 50 pages and 100 models incl.
  • Own background and logo
  • Administration by up to 5 users

Select Plan

499 € per month*


For intensive, commercial use

  • 200 pages and 400 models
  • Completely own branding
  • Management by any number of users

Select Plan

14 days free of chargecheck (ends automatically)check  
Pages (Example incl.)21050200
Models (Example incl.)1020100400
Own Uploadcheckcheckcheckcheck
Use of ObjectStorecheckcheckcheckcheck
Spacific Solution Portalcheckcheckcheckcheck
Own Logo + Background   checkcheck
Own Imprint + Privacy Policy   check
(within org. unit)
Create non-public pages   check
More pages or models for added charge   check
Runtime14 days6 month6 month12 month
Price/monthTo the free demo49 €*349 €*499 €*
Dennis Ahrens

CEO & Founder

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