Conventional measurement methods.

Measuring rooms and objects is a time-consuming and error-prone process. Whether on construction sites or as part of plant engineering processes – every measurement survey is an individual challenge with a lot of pain points.


A  complete measurement survey can easily last several hours. 


Objects get mixed up or forgotten, measuring points wrongly set.


Thorough & accurate measurements require experienced and well-trained surveyors, who are expensive and difficult to recruit.


There is no standardized process. The surveyor decides what gets measured and how.


The measured data needs to be sent to a drawing office to be transformed into the required CAD layout and format.


Data is not automatically processed. Manual data transfer is slowing down the further engineering process.


Our solution turns individual, complex and time-consuming measurement surveys into simple tasks for anyone. It delivers precise 3D-models in the desired CAD format, ready for instantaneous, flawless further processing.



Workflow and layout of the 3D models are configurable and can be adapted to the specific customer requirement of each use case. You get what you want!



SPACIFIC Measurement allows for first-time-right surveys without rework or correction loops. The user can easily control survey progress and quality  in mixed reality. What you see is what you get!



The data is made available in real-time via the secure Azure cloud backend, ready for flawless further processing. Our open APIs allow further integration of data into the IT ecosystem of our customers (e.g. CAD, ERP, CRM). Cut down your lead times!



A fully digitized end-to-end process drastically reduces engineering-to-order lead times. The generated 3D models can be used for further value adding features, such as product configurators & visualization, shopfloor planning, customer experiences. Say good-bye to paper drawings!

Mixed Reality (XR)


HoloLens automatically generates a spatial 3D mesh of the measured room.

In this room model, the user sets the pre-defined number of survey marks per object. SPACIFIC consolidates all measured points to a 3D CAD model. The validated measurement accuracy lies at 99.8% at 1m distance..

No more rework 


The SPACIFC drawing engine creates the required 3D model in accordance with the customer configuation in terms of layout, file format etc.

Both, survey and process data is made available via the cloud platform:​ – Status of a work order​  – 3D files of the meaured objects in all established formats: dxf, stp, fbx, stl, blend, obj, etc.​  – Data protocol from workflow acitivities, e.g survey duration etc. Copyright Bilder: Rainer Sturm,




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