Available solutions of the Spacific Solution Platform

XR Scan - Spacific


Our measurement solution transforms individual, complex and time-consuming
technical measurements into a simple task for everyone. It delivers precise 3D
models in the desired CAD format and makes them directly available for further
further processing.

XR Scene Spacific


Our visualization solution makes conventional app development look old. The 3D content is simply and conveniently uploaded in the self-service portal and compiled there in SCENEn. The data can then be positioned and retrieved anywhere via mobile devices. A lifetime…

Hololens 2 kaufen Spacific

HoloLens 2

Microsoft HoloLens is the cutting edge device when it comes to mixed reality experiences. HoloLens impressively combines the virtual and real worlds, creating hands-free interactions. XR SCAN works great with HoloLens 2 and is very easy to order through our partner XRGO.

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Experience Workshop

Experience Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality and get inspired by best practices. Our experience is your advantage: We show you how to successfully introduce an AR or VR solution in your company.