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Practical example for XR SCENE

Find out how XR SCENE can help you digitalize your business processes and thus increase sales and earnings. Whether as a competitive advantage in sales, as digital added value at events, as an enrichment of your team-internal measures or as an enhancement of events, augmented/mixed reality with XR SCENE offers you solutions that are as easy to use as they are striking.


XR SCENE: Emergency escape route exercise

Internal exercises, measures and training courses often confront companies with the question of whether it is worth purchasing special equipment for this purpose or whether they would rather accept restrictions – with XR SCENE you combine the best of both worlds, with any number of 3D objects at your disposal, individually adaptable and reusable.

  • Scenario

    ➔ 3D objects are to be transferred to a scene for a rescue route exercise.
    ➔ 3D objects such as escape ladders, fire extinguishers and emergency exit signs are to be present in the scene.
    ➔ A device is required in order to be able to train "hands-free".
    ➔ The content is to come from a 3rd system.

  • Solution

    ➔ Scenes are defined and provided in the backend.
    ➔ The editor places the objects assigned to the scene in the room.
    ➔ Due to HoloLens 2, the user works handsfree and concentrates better on the exercise.
    ➔ It is possible to interact with all objects: remove, rotate, enlarge/reduce

  • Client Benefits

    ➔ Individual training in standardized, real rooms
    ➔ Reduction of tied-up capital by using virtual training items
    ➔ Holistic learning assignments by integrating them into the customer's learning world.

Museum Usecase

XR SCENE for Culture & Events

Mixed/Augmented solutions take your events to a new level: Not only can you offer your visitors the appeal of virtual reality, you can also bring in all the in-depth information that would otherwise visually clutter your event – visitors can decide for themselves what content they open. In addition, the integration of 3D objects opens up new worlds for you artistically.

  • Scenario

    ➔ Exhibition visitors are to receive further information.
    ➔ Various AR scenes need to be created that can be changed and adapted at any time.
    ➔ Visitors should be able to use content both via an app and via the browser of the device.
    ➔ Visitors are to be given virtual giveaways to take home.
    ➔ The customer wants to maintain and add to the content on his own.

  • Solution

    ➔ The customer independently configures any AR Scenes.
    ➔ He manages the content in the Self Service Portal.
    ➔ His employee places the virtual objects in the real room, saves the positions and makes them available to the visitors.
    ➔ The visitors see the 3D objects in the room via the customer's app.

  • Client Benefits

    ➔ Cost reduction through use of product platform
    ➔ Higher visitor satisfaction via AR experiences
    ➔ More visitors due to changing visit incentives

Kaufhaus Spacific XR Scene

XR SCENE in Sales

Medium-sized companies in particular are faced more than ever with the challenge of asserting themselves in the market through special services. With XR SCENE, you can stand out from the competition, offer your customers real added value and present yourself as innovative and forward-thinking.

  • Scenario

    ➔ A specialty store for premium kitchen items fears a slump in sales, also due to Corona.
    ➔ A project manager in search of a high-quality kitchen machine would not like to travel to the city for it.
    ➔ As a passionate cook with an Instagram account, she would also like to involve her followers.

  • Solution

    ➔ All appliances in the specialty store can be digitally captured and uploaded as a 3D model.
    ➔ The customer can integrate kitchen appliances into her kitchen virtually, as a 3D model, thanks to the new offering. She doesn't have to go to town and engages her followers in the selection process with screenshots.

  • Client Benefits

    ➔ The specialty store offers its customers a valuable benefit, setting itself apart from large e-commerce companies.
    ➔ Digital placement of 3D models eliminates the need for an in-store visit, thus also avoiding restrictions due to lockdown restrictions and the like.

Sales Prozess Augmented Reality

XR SCENE - Sales promotion for capital goods

Now your customers get even more than just a picture: Complex plants or other capital goods in particular usually require greater effort in the course of preparing an offer. With XR SCENE, your products can be experienced virtually on site using augmented reality, in their original scale and including all details.

  • Scenario

    ➔ A medium-sized mechanical engineering company wants to visualize its products in the sales process on site at the customer's premises.
    ➔ The data of the products (CAD files) is to be used 1:1.
    ➔ The employees are equipped with HoloLens 2.

  • Solution

    ➔ The manufacturer integrates the Spacific Solution Platform as a visualization tool in its sales process.
    ➔ The data comes directly from the customer's PLM via API.
    ➔ The data can be displayed offline.
    ➔ For larger data volumes, the data is streamed online directly to the device.

  • Client Benefits

    ➔ The machine manufacturer convinces its customers as an innovator.
    ➔ Closing rates increase because customers can better visualize how the products fit into their environment.
    ➔ An existing product configurator was integrated into the solution.

Schnitzeljagd Augmented Reality Pokemon Spacific

XR SCENE: The virtual scavenger hunt

Whether it’s a child’s birthday party that needs to be a real highlight, a team-building event or a bachelor party, virtual objects open up undreamed-of possibilities: Mixed reality experiences are fascinating and also easy to prepare in public places without leaving a trace.

  • Scenario

    ➔ Stefan L. would like to make the next children's birthday party something special, preferably combining nature, technology and activity.
    ➔ Inquiries reveal that each child can bring a smart device.
    ➔ Stefan would find it best if the children had fun outside and learned something at the same time.

  • Solution

    ➔ Stefan organizes a virtual scavenger hunt in the forest and picks out suitable objects in the Spacific 3D library.
    ➔ He adds questions and information to the objects.
    ➔ He then places the virtual objects at prominent points in the forest.
    ➔ Now all that remains is for each child to get a participant ID, and then the scavenger hunt can begin.

  • Client Benefits

    ➔ The children are thrilled by the virtual objects, romp around in the forest and learn about nature along the way.
    ➔ The scavenger hunt can be easily reused.
    ➔ All devices can be digitally recorded and placed.

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