HoloLens 2 Partnership

Together for your business upgrade: SPACIFIC & XRGO enter into partnership. Get your HoloLens 2 now!

Receive your Hololens via Spacific

Finally, we can announce our partnership with XRGO! From now on you can order the HoloLens 2 powered by Microsoft on our website. There is a new page with all the short facts about the innovative mixed reality glasses.
You order from us and XR Go will deliver the HoloLens directly to your home office!

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HoloLens + Spacific: The dream team

The HoloLens 2 already supports many different companies and also creates a significant time advantage for your company, which at the same time brings considerable cost savings. Combined with the right tools, HoloLens 2 offers guaranteed added value.
Our measurement solution XR Scan is specially tailored to the HoloLens 2 and thus achieves optimal results in the various deployment scenarios.

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Perfect conditions

A key advantage over other devices is the user experience, which makes workflows as unrestricted and simple as possible thanks to eye tracking and hands-free technology. Through the cooperation with XRGO, we can offer you everything you need for future-oriented work with XR Scan.

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Dennis Ahrens

CEO & Founder

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