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I founded Spacific because I believe that augmented reality is one of the technologies that will have a major impact on us and our lives in the coming years. My motivation is to remove the barrier to entry for the many companies in the German SME sector to get started with this groundbreaking technology. Whether for sales support, in research and development, in training or directly in the visualization of content as a virtual reception hall - almost anything is possible.

From my point of view, it is important to think holistically. There can't just be "any app," but we must enable companies to adapt the technology and integrate it into their business processes.

That's why I'm very pleased to be able to present our Spacific Solution Platform to you today. A platform that makes it very easy for any company or institution to use augmented reality and get started almost immediately.

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Keep it smart and simple

This guiding principle drives us. Our solutions are thought and designed to work without much effort. Any company can start with AR without major entry hurdles. We don't want to keep developing a new app, we want to create sustainable reusable solutions. Our self-service portal provides the basis for this.

It is our data hub and makes it very easy, for example, to create users, upload 3D data or manage orders for measurements. If you like, you can also make our platform virtually your own in your colors and logos and thus inspire your customers.


Our core product is the measurement of objects and items to create 3D models. We have created a business process solution for surveying: From order management to surveying workflow design and execution to 3D model creation - we cover every step.

However, true to the motto: Everything can, nothing must, a company can also decide to use its own CRM and only use our surveying tool. The data is then simply "passed through". For this, we provide interfaces that enable complete integration.

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Augmented reality is the visualization of virtual objects in the real world via smart devices such as smartphones, tablets or HoloLens. While XR Scan only uses the sensor technology available with it, XR Scene App is the AR visualization solution for everyone.

Via the self-service portal, 3D objects are provided that can be accessed by authorized users at any time. It is possible to place 3D objects in a room that can be seen by another user in that room. Simple and fast - without much individual development.

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We believe that the future belongs to accessible AR. That's why we've leveraged browser technologies to make AR possible entirely without an app installed - AR web pages created in seconds to share via link or QR code.

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Standard and Customizing

Business processes are the same in meta processing and yet there are differences. That is why we have created a standard solution for augmented reality with the Spacific Solution Platform, which is at the same time so flexible that it responds to individual customer needs and can be adapted at any time. 

We rely on standard technologies from major OEMs such as Unity and Microsoft to focus development on processes and features. We thereby create great value by enabling augmented reality for everyone.

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Here we go!

We are ready to go. Are you? Then let's talk about how we can use augmented reality to create added value for your company, too. I am absolutely sure: We will create more sales and results for you by using our Spacific Solution Platform. Discover our solutions or use the contact form directly to get in touch with us!

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Dennis Ahrens

CEO & Founder

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