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Since Corona, more and more people are working remotely / from home. But digital onboarding is not only helpful in this context: The possibility to experience and understand processes vividly, and to do so as often as necessary, facilitates learning and makes your new employees fit for their tasks faster. If you think that this is very nice, but certainly expensive and complicated, we have good news for you - with the AR apps XR Scene and XR Creator, you can start with digital onboarding as early as tomorrow!

Digital Onboarding with XR SCENE

Learning directly on the object is not always possible - whether employees are sitting on the other side of the world or you cannot interrupt production processes at will. At the same time, repetition and clarity are almost indispensable for penetration and understanding.

Especially when new team members are regularly trained in the same area, the use of the visualization software XR Scene with location-based augmented reality is worthwhile. The flexible end-2-end AR standard solution on an app basis can be easily integrated into your systems via APIs, for digital onboarding at the push of a button:

  1. Assemble 3D models and information for a scene.
  2. Share with participants
  3. Retrieve scene for understanding and learning in any environment
  4. Reset the scene and use it again

Test Digital Onboarding Now

Digital training with XR Scene:
Example air conditioning

You manufacture air conditioning technology, your new sales employee will mainly work remotely and should understand your products and company processes as quickly as possible. In addition to other digital onboarding options (presentations, texts, videos, ...), you use XR Scene for the induction (as well as later in sales).

The 3D models of your equipment were supplemented with information about the structure, functionality and possibilities. After the scenes have been released to the new employee, he can both view and interact with the products at any scale, such as moving or rotating them. He can access the scene from any point and at any time to consolidate his knowledge. In this way, he quickly internalizes how the products are constructed and what makes them compelling. Later in the sale, XR Scene and he can persuade customers to close the deal much more quickly and clearly. 

Try XR Scene now for free

Digital Onboarding with XR CREATOR

Digital onboarding becomes even more straightforward with XR Creator's Web AR:

  • In seconds, you can use it to create AR web pages that are easily accessible from the browser in any environment.
  • Share the pages easily via link or QR code.
  • You can fully customize the web pages to your brand.
  • There's also the option to create non-public pages for secure handling of sensitive information.

Learn more or test the maximum flexibility of customization right now:

More about XR CreatorTest Web-AR free of charge

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